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Keep Calm And Vaccinate

Keep Calm And Vaccinate

If you haven’t read this article yet, please please please read it.  Please pass it along.  Share it on Facebook.  Get this information out there.  If you have a friend who is a Vaccine Denier print this article out and give it to them.  If you’re a Vaccine Denier, please give this a chance and read it with an open mind.  Read it as if you have a child with Autism.

This article, right here in red. Click it.

It Took Studying 25,782,500 Kids To Begin To Undo The Damage Caused By 1 Doctor.

Read it as if your child has the Measles and you didn’t find out in time what it was, because doctors of our time don’t know the symptoms to look for in real life since the great majority don’t know what they’d actually be looking at.  They would be thinking it’s just a spotty rash, maybe sun spots from overheating.  Your child would be at risk for blindness and other serious complications.

Yes, Measles is serious.  It’s not a “mild childhood disease.”  This is a misguided belief, and needs to be reconsidered.  Measles isn’t mild.  Measles is more than just uncomfortable.  Measles kills children.  It causes severe complications in pregnancies that can cause serious lasting problems for the babies.

/But I can show you what I’m talking about.What I wonder is that in spite of knowing the very real dangers of the disease, which are far, far greater than the false belief that it causes or contributes to Autism Spectrum Disorder, is why people still insist that it’s “mild” in its symptoms.  People who let their children go to “measles parties” (and for that matter chicken pox parties) have children that didn’t and don’t appreciate contracting the disease their parent forced upon them.   Before the chicken pox vaccine, for instance, I have a relative who contracted it (naturally) and ended up with a pock on her eye.  She has a small hole in her eye because of it.  As I recall when she had the chicken pox, it was beyond terrible.  I remember having the chicken pox.  I felt like I was dying.  I had pocks in my throat, and I have scarring all over me including my face.

I’ve spoken with people who had the measles.  It was more than uncomfortable, and it wasn’t “mild” but nearly every instance had each of their parents making urgent calls to the pediatricians and trips to the ER.  Anecdotal evidence, I know, meaning nothing to those who wish to make a point that they “must” be an exception, but research backs it up.  Science, even.  Right now I’m talking children.  It’s no picnic for adults either.

But I can show you what I’m talking about.

From the World Health Organization:

Who is at risk?

Unvaccinated young children are at highest risk of measles and its complications, including death. Unvaccinated pregnant women are also at risk.
Any non-immune person (who has not been vaccinated or was vaccinated but did not develop immunity) can become infected.

People die of complications from Measles.  Those most susceptible aren’t just children 5 and under, but people OVER 20 years old.  Yes, healthy adults die from the Measles and complications from the Measles.  Many of the complications themselves don’t have treatments.  And what people don’t realize is that Measles can lead to babies and young children and elders having to suffer with multiple diseases in addition to the Measles, at the same time as the Measles, with long lasting consequences due to negligence.  Complications include:

  • Acute Encephalitis
  • Subacute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis (SSPE)
  • Viral Pneumonia (Hecht’s GC) or Bronchial Pneumonia
  • Severe Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Death
  • Premature birth
  • Miscarriage
  • Severe Conjunctivitis/Eye Infection that can result in Blindness – indicated by pus draining from the eyes
  • Mouth ulcers
  • High Fever
  • Scarring rashes
  • Severe Ear Infections that can result in Deafness
  • Bronchopneumonia
  • Croup aka Pertussis aka Whooping Cough which is a full on killer… and should have its own vaccine: this can cause its own complications, such as lifelong asthma and other lung problems; vomiting, choking, breathing problems, damage to vocal cords would be immediate complications that could have lasting effects
  • I just found this little gem:

From the World Health Organization:

Key facts

Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children even though a safe and cost-effective vaccine is available.
In 2012, there were 122,000 measles deaths globally – about 330 deaths every day or 14 deaths every hour.
Measles vaccination resulted in a 78% drop in measles deaths between 2000 and 2012 worldwide.
In 2012, about 84% of the world’s children received one dose of measles vaccine by their first birthday through routine health services – up from 72% in 2000.
Since 2000, more than 1 billion children in high risk countries were vaccinated against the disease through mass vaccination campaigns ― about 145 million of them in 2012.


Here’s the kicker.  There is no specific treatment that exists for the measles virus.  Antibiotics do nothing.  Antivirals do nothing.  That means you can’t just go to your doctor to get an antiviral or antibiotic for it once you contract it, period full stop.  Once your child gets it, they have it and have to suffer through it and you have to be responsible for the fact that you didn’t get your previously healthy child the vaccine that could have helped prevent it or at least reduced the severity of it.  And you’ve risked other children and people who are immune-compromised that are unable to get vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons, or because they’re too young to get it.  Please remember I’m not talking about babies, children, and adult that are not medically able to be vaccinated because they’re too young or they have an allergy to the ingredients (like egg whites) or some other medical reason.  I’m talking about people that are able to get the vaccine and choose not to because of paranoia and the lingering thought of “What if Wakefield was right? That poor man, people thinking he hoaxed the world, he was on to something!” No, no he wasn’t.  He was scum.  I’ve written about him too.

The best thing you can do for the most communicable diseases that can actually kill your children at worst and cause severe complications like blindness and preventable disabilities, such as Measles, Chicken Pox, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, at best is prevention.  Vaccination.

You can not prevent measles or other communicable diseases with diet, products from self-proclaimed health product companies, vitamin supplements, exercise, prayer, or wishful thinking.

The “poisons” you think that make up vaccines? Trace amounts.  Look it up.  I’ve even explained what it means before.  Do you know what trace amount means? It means so minute, so minuscule, such tiny, tiny, tiny amounts that it can’t even be measured and that even if you took that trace amount and multiplied it by a million you still couldn’t measure it and it wouldn’t be toxic.

Here’s a thought.

We avoid arsenic because it’s a poison, right? Remember the arsenic-in-apple-juice scare a couple of years back that’s coming around again? Well… arsenic is present in the apple itself.  That’s just nature.  You could eat a hundred apples in a week (I wouldn’t recommend it for your intestines sake) and it wouldn’t give you enough arsenic to kill you because it’s trace amounts.

Potatoes.  We all love potatoes, tomatoes, hot peppers, eggplants, paprika, and cayenne peppers.  We put those in many, many recipes around the globe, don’t we.  But we wouldn’t dream of eating Belladonna, or Nightshade.  Belladonna is a deadly poison.  And yet potatoes, tomatoes, hot peppers, eggplants, paprika, and cayenne peppers all have alkaloids in them, the same substance that affects nerve and joint function.  They don’t affect us because they don’t have nearly the amount of the toxin in them as Belladonna does, and we would have to eat large amounts at one time in order to have an adverse reaction unless we have a sensitivity or allergy in particular to the fruit or vegetable or to nightshades in general.

I’d like to introduce you to Dihydrogen Monoxide:

Dihydrogen monoxide:

Despite the danger, dihydrogen monoxide is often used:

*as an industrial solvent and coolant.
*in nuclear power plants.
*in the production of Styrofoam.
*as a fire retardant.
*in many forms of cruel animal research.
*in the distribution of pesticides. Even after washing, produce remains contaminated by this chemical.
*as an additive in certain “junk-foods” and other food products.


It’s water, people.  Simple water.

Some chemicals are actually good for you.  Aloe from aloe plants.  Lemon juice.  Orange juice.  We hear the word chemical and we panic.  It must mean that scientists mixed some naturally derived ingredients and made a chemical or that scientists figured out how to synthesize ingredients to create a medicine… a chemical.  And we all know that scientists and BIG PHARMA have it out for us.  They’re just OUT FOR THE MONEY.  They want to PUMP US FULL OF CHEMICALS FOR THE MONEY.  They couldn’t possibly want to, you know, keep children from dying from terrible diseases or cure people from stuff.

We’ve been trained to think that chemicals are bad by what I like to call the Big “Natural” Movement.  “Chemicals” must be evil.  This is when I like to remind people that blood is a chemical.  Beer.  Wine.   Marijuana grown in your backyard.  Tears.  Those are all chemicals.  Bile is a poison.  Poop is a poison.   All natural, yet.  Words are not always what they seem when there’s an agenda and talking points and rhetoric is involved.  So the fear based thinking regarding vaccines because of the CHEMICALS is thanks to the “All Natural” and “Clean Living” movements.  They’re manipulations in order to get you to buy what they want you to buy… but in order to do that they have to also demonize what they want you think of as the opposite of what they’re selling.

We’re told to get our vitamins, and certain compounds, to help make sure our health is at its peak.  Certain vitamins and minerals are illness fighters, cancer busters, immunity boosters.  The best way to get those healthful vitamins and minerals is through our natural diets in fruits, veggies, grains, and for those who eat meat, eggs, milk, for us to get out in the sunshine, etc.  However, so-called health companies have their agenda.  Money.  “Let’s sell you products that our very own scientists have figured out have The Very Best Combination of The Very Best Nutrients Ever and if you buy these products regardless of their cost you might get sick less often so that your disorder or disease no longer even exists AND you won’t even have to take medication any more”.

Even though the claims can never be backed by the FDA because these products are not medicinal health products.  They very well may help you, but they’re not health products.  Not even vitamins can make claims other than what strict FDA regulations say they can.  And what they never tell you is that they (vitamins AND self-proclaimed health food and health product companies) can still interact with necessary meds, the ones you don’t get to stop taking.  They mislead people into thinking they don’t need something vital and can end up killing someone.  It’s not because doctors aren’t involved… it’s because people are lazy and don’t open up communications.  They would rather take something that can’t ever be proven with facts and statistics scientifically for certain from a company that calls itself a health company than trust their own doctors.  People don’t even trust Registered Dietitians to help them because they’re part of the medical field.  They’d rather trust nutritionists and people without certification or backgrounds in scientific training.

Jarred vitamins are great as supplements, but no matter what the label tells you it’s not “natural” if it’s in pill form.  They’re a modern miracle, sure.  Difficult to really absorb, as they’re not very soluble.  Again though… people don’t think to tell their doctors what they’re taking or why they think they’re taking it. People think that they’re their own doctors, that they have to be, due to paranoia.  And the Big Natural Movement is fostering that feeling, that belief, that fear of doctors, in order to cash in.

The only way real way to get the best nutrition you can is with a diet full of fresh foods that can spoil, not sitting on your shelf in a wrapper.   Something wrapped or bottled and slapped with a label that says “diet” or “natural” or “all natural” is actually not health food.  It’s not prevention or medicine to take supplements or have a great diet.  Because again:  You can not prevent measles or other communicable diseases with diet, products from self-proclaimed health product companies, vitamin supplements, exercise, prayer, or wishful thinking.

We survive longer and are healthier than a century ago, than 75 years ago, because we have medicines.  Because we have vaccines.  Babies, children, adults are living longer because of the vaccines.  Booster shots are available for those who ask for them.  There are ways to get them inexpensively.

We survive longer because we have vitamin supplements and better variety of fresh foods available for everyone.  We survive longer because we have better knowledge of germs and cleanliness, sewer systems, food preparation safety.  We have more doctors, who have better medical equipment and more knowledge at their disposal than ever before.  We live longer because of all of these things put together.  We have the power to eradicate terrible diseases like Measles, Chicken Pox (varicella), Polio, Rubella.

So that said.  Let’s move on.  I spent enough time on that thought.

People think that every ingredient that’s in vaccines is poison because it’s a “chemical” at this point, including the vaccine itself ie. the dead virus or germ that is being vaccinated against.  People don’t understand how vaccines actually work, how the body works.  How things weren’t perfect with our health 50 years ago, 75 years ago, 100+ years ago… thousands of years ago.  People stopped eating bark off of trees for a reason.

People died from urinary tract infections, for crying out loud.  People still die from pneumonia.  And children ARE dying from Measles.  And people afraid to get the vaccines but then are afraid to let even other family members who have been vaccinated around their children for fear of their child contracting these terrible diseases? That’s your better sense taking over.  Listen to it.

This is on a good-to-know-basis for those still worried about that dangerous, dangerous Thimerosal that isn’t actually Mercury but people think is pure Mercury (I’ve blogged about this before too in more detail):  Thimerosal  is no longer used in childrens’ shots except in some types of flu shots.  You can ask for a flu shot that doesn’t have thimerosal in it.  Let the doctors know ahead of time so that they can order it for you.

If you care for my opinion on Autism outside of this particular post, just put Autism in my search bar or check recent posts.

I’ve exhausted myself with this post.  I’m sure I’ve offended some people.  It’s ok.  Facts sometimes do that.


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Major brain structures implicated in autism.

Major brain structures implicated in autism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are probably hundreds of blog posts and articles and thousands upon thousands of Facebook posts regarding this specific article and reblogging it dragging it up as if it’s new and shiny and a huge blow to the medical community and Pro-Vaccination Supporters:  Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism (source is “Whiteout”    click here).  It’s very misleading and the article ignores facts, as usual.  But this article and dozens like it are being spread around as gospel truth without fact checking.  I suppose what’s understandable is that most people that fall for what’s in that article is because they don’t really follow through and find out the facts.  People rely on those they trust to interpret these things for them.  They rely on assumptions that what they’re reading is true and correct and unbiased.  That it’s factual.  That it can be proven.  Scientifically, even.

The “court” that is referred to in the Whiteout article and ruled against vaccines for causing an injury was the Italian court.  Court rulings, especially from the Italian court, do not equal science.  No court ruling, if we’re being accurate, equals science especially if it’s not the specially set up Vaccine Court.  The judgment from the Italian court wasn’t based in scientific fact or forensics, but they’re not typically known for that.  Hell, they like to retry people who were already found innocent in their own court system if their prosecutor didn’t like the result so that he has another chance to try to prove them guilty (Amanda Knox).  They even found six scientists guilty and gave very severe sentences to all six of them for failing to predict an earthquake (2009 earthquake).  EVEN THOUGH it’s beyond the ability of ANY modern scientist to predict an earthquake.  An Italian court ordered a father to pay his 32 year old employed, professional daughter that still lived with him her allowance and since he had stopped paying her, and he was forced to pay over €12,000 in arrears plus reinstate a €350-a-month allowance.  My point is to take the original article for what it’s worth, which is less than nothing.

Additionally, the claim by the petitioner was  originally that Ryan Mojabi had Autism as a result of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine, but the Secretary of Health and Human Services did believe that he had Encephalopathy as result of the MMR vaccine.  Also, they ruled only that compensation is appropriate under their rules.

Regarding whether the MMR actually causes Encephalopathy ie. Enchephalitis ie. disorder of the brain:

…In the section Post-Marketing Reports, encephalitis (infection of the brain) was added to reflect the receipt of reports following ProQuad vaccination. Previously, this adverse reaction was listed under adverse events seen after MMR or varicella vaccination. Encephalitis has been reported approximately once for every 3 million doses of MMR vaccine. Post-marketing surveillance of more than 400 million doses distributed worldwide (1978 to 2003) indicates that encephalitis is rarely reported after MMR vaccination. In no case has it been shown conclusively that encephalitis was caused by a vaccine virus infection of the central nervous system. There was no proven causal relationship between ProQuad and any of the reported cases that prompted the change in the label…


It sounds scary but even in cases where someone contracted Encephalitis/Encephalopathy after receiving the MMR vaccine, it can’t be considered a causal link.  One huge reason why is because Autism and Encephalitis are not the same aka Encephalitis is not Autism.  It may share some similarities but it is not Autism.  Encephalitis does not lead to or cause Autism.  Secondly, someone contracting a disease after they receive the vaccination against it is not proof that the vaccination caused the disease.  Other contributing factors are ignored.  Thirdly, someone showing symptoms of a disorder after receiving a vaccination is not, again, not proof that the vaccination caused the disorder.  Many times the signs and symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder NATURALLY do not begin to show persistently until the same time certain vaccines are routinely given.  In someone who already has ASD in their genetic code, it’s possible that vaccines could be one of the environmental triggers, sure.  That’s being researched by reputable scientists.  We saw a dramatic increase in symptoms and massive regressions when we moved house at the age of 18 months.  At the same time, we tried to take away the pacifier and and encourage moving out of the crib to a toddler bed.

There are many causes of Encephalitis.  The claimants ended up revising their claim to (paraphrasing) saying that the MMR caused Encephalopathy/Encephalitis that led to Autism.   However, in an U.S. court it’s very unlikely that they would have won.

Oh wait… more facts.  I love facts.

The The Encephalitis Society that’s based in the UK has a brilliant fact sheet about Encephalitis (go ahead, click here).  They clearly state their view on MMR vaccination:

Measles infection and encephalitis
Measles causes encephalitis in around 1 in 1,000 children. Measles encephalitis
caused the death of Roald Dahl’s daughter Olivia in 1962. He became an ardent
supporter of measles vaccination as a result of the tragic loss of his daughter. He wrote
a letter to parents encouraging them to get their children vaccinated (see copy of letter
attached). He dedicated James and the Giant Peach and the BFG to Olivia.
Other countries such as Italy and Ireland have had epidemics of measles in recent
years because not enough children have had the MMR vaccine. As a result, children
have developed encephalitis and children have died from measles in those countries.
Measles is also the cause of a disease called Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
(SSPE). This is a rare condition that can develop some years after natural measles
infection. The average time between someone having measles to the fi rst symptoms of
SSPE is around 8 years. It is a degenerative neurological condition which progressively
destroys nerve cells in the brain almost always leading to mental deterioration and death.
Children are especially at risk of SSPE if they are very young when they catch measles. It
affects around 1 in 8,000 children who are infected when they are under 2 years old.
SSPE is not caused by the MMR vaccine. Measles vaccine and MMR vaccine directly
protect against SSPE.
Since the introduction of measles vaccine in the 1960s, the numbers of people
diagnosed with SSPE has decreased dramatically, and the death rate from SSPE is
expected to fall even further if measles remains under control.

Mumps infection and encephalitis
Mumps virus frequently infects the central nervous system. Before the MMR vaccine
was introduced mumps used to be the most common cause of admission to hospital
with meningitis or encephalitis, occurring in 1 in 200-5,000 children. It also causes
deafness. MMR vaccine has had a dramatic impact and hardly any children are
admitted to hospital with mumps these days. Outbreaks of mumps have occurred in
the last few years in older children and young adults who were too old to have received
the two doses of MMR vaccine recommended before going to school.

Rubella virus and encephalitis
Rubella virus causes severe brain injury in children if their mother is infected in early
pregnancy. The brain injury is caused by meningo-encephalitis, part of the “congenital
rubella syndrome”. Rubella virus can also cause a progressive “pan-encephalitis” later
in life in children who were infected in the womb and survived but remain chronically
infected. Before MMR was introduced cases of congenital rubella still occurred in the UK. We could not
control the infection when we only gave the vaccine to teenage girls because the rubella virus
continued to circulate in younger children, teenage boys and young men. The small percentage
of mothers who were not protected fully by rubella vaccine caught rubella, often from their own
children or their partner. The only way to be sure of protecting unborn babies is to stop the rubella
virus circulating in the whole community. Now this has happened, and it is one of the great
successes of MMR vaccine.
Few young mothers will have any personal experience of the effects of rubella today, which were
well known in the past. Agatha Christie illustrated it very well in her murder mystery story, The
Mirror Cracked from Side to Side. An actress murders the person she finds gave her rubella years
before when she was pregnant with her only child, who was born severely brain injured.
Charities such as Sense are campaigning to help restore MMR vaccination coverage to previous
levels (

MMR vaccine
MMR vaccine is a very effective way to prevent measles, mumps and rubella. All three of these
infections are important causes of encephalitis, and before MMR vaccine was introduced all three
infections were common in the UK
There is a wide range of authoritative information available on the good safety record of MMR
vaccine (see The vaccine is unequivocally safer than letting
children catch the diseases. 

Useful and reliable websites

The fact is that United States Vaccine Courts have not ruled in favor of claims that vaccines cause Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The reason is because there is no factual, scientific link.  There was no “black out” in U.S. media regarding the Italian court ruling because no one really takes the Italian court seriously except to ask, “What the ever-loving fuck were they thinking?”

Check this out:

After considering the record as a whole, I hold that petitioners have failed to
establish by preponderant evidence that Colten’s condition was caused or significantly
aggravated by a vaccine or any component thereof. The evidence presented was both
voluminous and extraordinarily complex. After careful consideration of all of the
evidence, it was abundantly clear that petitioners’ theories of causation were
speculative and unpersuasive. Respondent’s experts were far more qualified, better
supported by the weight of scientific research and authority, and simply more
persuasive on nearly every point in contention. Because of pervasive quality control
problems at a now-defunct laboratory that tested a key piece of evidence, petitioners
could not reliably demonstrate the presence of a persistent measles virus in Colten’s
central nervous system. Petitioners failed to establish that measles virus can cause

autism or that it did so in Colten. They failed to demonstrate that amount of
ethylmercury in TCVs causes immune system suppression or dysregulation. They
failed to show that Colten’s immune system was dysregulated. Although Colten’s
condition markedly improved between his diagnosis and the hearing, the experimental
treatments he received cannot be logically or scientifically linked to the theories of
causation. Given the advice that petitioners received from a treating physician, Colten’s
parents brought this action in good faith and upon a reasonable basis. However, they
have failed to demonstrate vaccine causation of Colten’s condition by a preponderance
of the evidence. Therefore, I deny their petition for compensation.

No. 01-162V

The decision made on the above-quoted court case has in fact been upheld since the 2009 ruling when appeals were processed and heard.

Here are additional U.S. Court Federal Rulings:

  1. Court Rulingas Dont Confirm Autism-Vaccine Link – Forbes.
  2. The General Medical Council to Andrew Wakefield: “The panel is satisfied that your conduct was irresponsible and dishonest” « Science-Based Medicine.
  3. Washington Post Article Regarding U.S. Federal Rulings
  4. Washington Post Article Regarding the Debunking of Wakefield’s Hoax
  5. Neurologica: Summary of the Court Ruling That MMR Vaccine Doesn’t Cause Autism
  6. The worst of times for antivaccine believers: Yet another study fails to show any link between the MMR vaccine and autism « Science-Based Medicine.
  7. One Thing We Know About Autism: Vaccines Arent to Blame (via National Geographic).
  8. The Hannah Poling case and the rebranding of autism by antivaccinationists as a mitochondrial disorder (worth noting with this one: Hannah Poling’s mother SHARES THE SAME GENETIC MITOCHONDRIAL DISORDER THEY SUED FOR « Science-Based Medicine.
  9. ‘The MMR-autism theory? There’s nothing in it’ Michael Fitzpatrick talks to Stephen Bustin, whose devastating testimony in a US court demolished the last shred of evidence against vaccines.| Dr Michael Fitzpatrick | spiked.
  10. Statistics Reports Directly from the Health Resources and Services Administration
  11. The Health Resources and Services Administration Vaccine Table (every parent and person who receives vaccinations should have this) AND the revision here 

In each of the U.S. court cases and rulings above, when appeals were heard, they were still denied as being unfounded.  However, this is very interesting to note in the Cedillo case, and I think it’s wonderfully compassionate because of the decision by the Vaccine Court:

….. “After studying the extensive evidence in this case for many months, I am convinced that the reports and advice given to the Cedillos by Dr. Krigsman and some other physicians, advising the Cedillos that there is a causal connection between Michelle’s MMR vaccination and her chronic conditions, have been very wrong. Unfortunately, the Cedillos have been misled by physicians who are guilty, in my view, of gross medical misjudgmentNevertheless, I can understand why the Cedillos found such reports and advice to be believable under the circumstances. 
I conclude that the Cedillos filed this Program claim in good faith….

HASTINGS, Special Master.

This is an action in which the petitioners, Michael and Theresa Cedillo, seek an award under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (see 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-10 et seq.2) on account of several conditions, including autism and chronic gastrointestinal symptoms, which afflict their1On October 30, 2008, petitioners filed a notice waiving their 14-day “waiting period” pursuant to Vaccine Rule 18(b) and 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-12(d)(4)(B). Accordingly, this document will be made available to the public immediately, as petitioners have requested.

2The applicable statutory provisions defining the Program are found at 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-10 et seq. (2000). Herein after, for ease of citation, all “§” references will be to 42 U.S.C. (2000). I will also sometimes refer to the act of Congress that created the Program as the “Vaccine Act.”  Daughter, Michelle Cedillo. I conclude that the petitioners have not demonstrated that they aren’t entitled to an award on Michelle’s behalf. I will set forth the reasons for that conclusion in detailbelow. However, at this point I will briefly summarize the reasons for my conclusion. The petitioners in this case have advanced a causation theory that has several parts, including
contentions (1) that thimerosal-containing vaccines can cause immune dysfunction, (2) that the MMR vaccine can cause autism, and (3) that the MMR vaccine can cause chronic gastrointestinal dysfunction. However, as to each of those issues, I concluded that the evidence was overwhelmingly contrary to the petitioners’ contentions. The expert witnesses presented by the respondent were far better qualified, far more experienced, and far more persuasive than the petitioners’ experts, concerning most of the key points. The numerous medical studies concerning these issues, performed by medical scientists worldwide, have come down strongly against the petitioners’ contentions. Considering all of the evidence, I found that the petitioners have failed to demonstrate that thimerosal-containing vaccines can contribute to causing immune dysfunction, or that the MMR vaccine can contribute to causing either autism or gastrointestinal dysfunction. I further conclude that while Michelle Cedillo has tragically suffered from autism and other severe conditions, the petitioners have also failed to demonstrate that her vaccinations played any role at all in causing those problems.” 

Regarding the Hazelhurst decision:

Hazlehurst decision:

The published articles on which petitioners rely most particularly are the Wakefield series of articles and the 2002 Uhlmann article (the judge here is referring to Wakefield’s hoaxed article in the Lancet). These articles were addressed in Section III.C.1 and Section III.C.4.e, above, and were determined to be scientifically unreliable. Dr. MacDonald testified about the problems identified by the scientific community with
each of the articles in the series of publications by Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues. See Hazlehurst Tr. at 629A-638. Dr. Bustin, Dr. Chadwick, Dr. Griffin, and Dr. Ward also testified about the published findings and the practices at the Unigenetics lab where similar findings were made; they addressed in detail the questionable test results reported,
the irregularities in laboratory test procedures, and the inability of accredited laboratories to replicate the positive measles findings. See Section III.C.4.g and Section III.C.4.e, above.

Dr. Corbier’s opinion regarding the role that vaccines play in causing autism is premised, in part, on studies that have reported a finding of measles virus in the tissues taken from the gut of autistic children. See id. at 327A. Dr. Corbier admitted during his testimony that if there were no evidence of persistent measles virus, his current position of vaccine-related causation would be “lessen[ed].” Id. at 416A

Because the linchpin of petitioners’ theory, the finding of persistent measles virus in the biopsied tissue taken from the gastrointestinal lining of autistic children, is glaringly unreliable, the basis for Dr. Corbier’s opinion that the MMR vaccine was causally related to Yates’ autism and his gastrointestinal symptoms is critically flawed and scientifically
untenable. Petitioners have failed to prove that their theory of vaccine-related causation is biologically plausible as required by the first prong of Althen. Nor have petitioners demonstrated that the unsupported links of their proposed causal chain cohere to establish a logical sequence of cause and effect as required by the second prong of Althen. Having failed to satisfy their evidentiary burden, petitioners cannot prevail on their vaccine claim.

Accordingly, the undersigned need not reach or consider any alternative theories of causation.

V. Conclusion
The Hazlehursts’ experience as parents of an autistic child, as described during the evidentiary hearing in this case, has been a very difficult one. The undersigned is moved as a person and as a parent by the Hazlehursts’ account and again extends to the Hazlehursts very sincere sympathy for the challenges they face with Yates. The undersigned’s charge, however, does not permit decision making on the basis of sentiment but rather requires a careful legal analysis of the evidence.

The parties have submitted a wealth of evidence and have presented the testimony of a number of experts who have extensive clinical and research experience in the particular areas of interest in this case. Having carefully and fully considered the evidence, the undersigned concludes that the combination of the thimerosal-containing vaccines and the MMR vaccine are not causal factors in the development of autism and
therefore, could not have contributed to the development of Yates’ autism. The weight of the presented evidence that is scientifically reliable and methodologically sound does not
support petitioners’ claim. Petitioners have failed to establish entitlement to compensation under the Vaccine Act. Absent the filing of a timely motion for review, the Clerk of the Court shall enter judgment accordingly.

So.  You’ll also hear that bowel disorders, which are statistically high in people that have Autism and other neurological disorder, are “linked to vaccines.”  Remember that this claim comes from Andrew Wakefield.  When he first claimed this his peers worldwide rejected his hypothesis and his findings as fraudulent immediately.  Do you want to know why it’s common for there to be bowel disorders in autistics? Because when the baby is still developing and the cells are forming, the cells that will become the brain and the cells that will become the bowels ARE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER and there’s a possibility that some of those cells were initially shared.  That also explains food sensitivities and allergies that are common in autistics.  The biological basis for this is factual, not supposed or guessed at.  I think I’ve written about this before.  And because I love to point out how Wakefield is a jackass that can’t be trusted:

The General Medical Council stated this in their actual report against Wakefield:

In reaching its decision, the Panel notes that the project reported in the Lancet paper was established with the purpose to investigate a postulated new syndrome and yet the Lancet paper did not describe this fact at all. Because you drafted and wrote the final version of the paper, and omitted correct information about the purpose of the study or the patient population, the Panel is satisfied that your conduct was irresponsible and dishonest.

The Panel is satisfied that your conduct at paragraph 32.a would be considered by ordinary standards of reasonable and honest people to be dishonest.

The General Medical Council found Andrew Wakefield UNFIT TO PRACTICE MEDICINE due to his fraudulent claims.  He was stripped of his license to practice.  It only took 20 years but it happened in 2010  and it was a glorious day for Autism Advocacy.  Why? It was acknowledged in the scientific community publicly that he intentionally produced fraudulent results.  There is actual proof of this.

Hmmm… how do I know this?  I don’t know…. maybe I have more proof such as this:  The General Medical Council Fitness to Practise Panel Hearing 28 January 2010: Andrew Jeremy Wakefield: It lays out very clearly the fraudulence and how it was determined.  It’s very, very thorough.  He is called dishonest, misleading, and irresponsible by a council of his peers.  It was found that he lied to an Ethics Committee about his findings and how he obtained them.  He even gave the few “clinical” subjects he had experimental drugs of his own that weren’t approved for trial.  The General Medical Council applies the standards of the Criminal Justice System.  That means that they rely on proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  They can not apply the standards of the Civil Justice System.  Remember…. these are medical professionals in a medical hearing poring over every single shred of Wakefield’s recorded actions, words, “studies,” and anything else he provided himself.

All of that said, I do not deny that vaccines can cause injuries.  I know it happens.  There is a VERY GOOD REASON FOR VACCINE COURT TO EXIST.  There is a VERY GOOD REASON AND RESOURCE IN THE VACCINE TABLE.  I know that vaccines can affect the nervous system.  Most sensitivity reactions and allergic reactions are temporary, thank God.  When those reactions do happen, it makes perfect sense to never give that person the same vaccine as a booster later on and question the safety of vaccines and their specific ingredients as triggers for that specific person and their family members.  My own mother can’t have the egg-based vaccines due to a serious egg allergy.   She can’t have the annual shot in the arm for influenza.  I have friends that are so immune compromised that they can’t have the vaccines at all due to the risks of their disorders.  So I weigh the risks.  I weigh statistics.

My efforts here are about debunking the harmful beliefs and harmful spreading of lies that vaccines cause Autism.  It perpetuates the idea that Autism is an injury, and therefore horrible something to discriminate against.  Let me state this clearly.  Autism is not brain damage.  AUTISM IS NOT BRAIN DAMAGE.  Ask some adult autistics and see how they feel about that.  You might be shocked at their opinion of the Vaccine Denialism movement.

I know I’ve said this before: As secure as I am in my choice to vaccinate my family as a very safe and very sound judgment call FOR US… I do have moments of doubt.  They’re fleeting and maybe once every couple of years.  Sort of like any other parenting decision my husband and I make.  It’s hard to feel like an adequate parent when you have a child with Autism.  I do often wonder if I’m the mother she needs.  But I see so much improvement in her with each passing year.  I remember the complications in my pregnancy and delivery.  I remember how my doctor was hesitant to intervene so that we could see if the delivery complications would resolve themselves.  I remember hearing she had a murmur and tiny hole in her heart that resolved itself, but we still have to check it every well child visit.  We still made sure that all of our children, even before having an autistic child, were on the delayed vaccination schedule because that’s just how we roll and we found a pediatrician who automatically followed the recommended delayed schedule.  From birth she NEVER hit any of her physical milestones and at birth (in fact in utero) showed immediate signs of Sensory Processing Disorder.  The nurses and pediatrician noticed, as did I.  But I didn’t realize what the SPD would mean.  Throughout her babyhood, she was always in the extremely late end of typical in achieving milestones.  We did have her neurologically tested but it was inconclusive.  She didn’t walk until she was a week or two away from turning 2 years old.  And yet when we had her evaluated then…. it was within normal limits.

So I guess the purpose of this post is to ACTUALLY educate people.  Fear tactics only use partial truths to try to boost their arguments, and that’s simply not right.  It’s downright dangerous.  Make decisions, even if you’re still uncomfortable vaccinating in the end, having read fact instead of fear-based propaganda.  Weigh the risks… because there ARE risks.  In other words if your instincts tell you not to do something? If your gut says, “We shouldn’t vaccinate.” then that’s splendid reason enough not to do it if you have support from your pediatrician and your own primary care physician.  You don’t need my approval.  I won’t pass judgment.  Truly I won’t.  I might judge if your decision was based on advice from Jenny McCarthy, though.  😉  I don’t really care one way or the other because my family IS vaccinated.   That means I’ve given my family the protection that I felt was safe.

What I care about is being truly informed and educated rather than relying on partial truths and twisting them around to fit an agenda.  But the suggestion that Autism and other neurological disorders are caused by vaccines doesn’t make sense.  There has never been evidence supporting the claim that vaccines cause Mitochondrial Disease or Autistic Disorders or Encephalopathy.  Autism is mitochondrial ie. genetic and there is more and more overwhelming proof of this coming out year after year, day after day.  It’s so easy to find.  So, so so easy.  It’s not hard to understand the information when you find it.

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