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Today, I’m truly grateful for…

  1. My daughters.
  2. My husband.
  3. My friends, even when it’s been a while since speaking.
  4. My family, including my in-laws.
  5. My lovely goddaughter.
  6. A roof over my head.
  7. Warm blankets.
  8. Heat in my home.
  9. Hot coffee.
  10. Cats to snuggle with.
  11. Antibiotics.
  12. Coworkers that I enjoy and respect.
  13. A job that I enjoy.
  14. Ricola.
  15. Whoever thought of body brushing.
  16. Whatever the “Plus” is in Puff’s Plus
  17. My husband having hooked up the water to the filter thingie in the refrigerator and we get cold water from the fridge by pushing a button.  Who knew a simple pleasure could make so much of a difference?
  18. The girls still enjoying their Christmas gifts and old toys alike.
  19. Being a grown-up and getting to decide what will worry me and what won’t.
  20. My android phone. How did I manage for so long without one?
  21. Icy melt.
  22. Delicious vegetarian recipes.
  23. How much better I’ve felt since eating vegetarian.
  24. My daughters’ teachers.
  25. Being able to kiss and hug my daughters every morning when they wake and every night when they go to bed.
  26. Watching my daughters play together on a snowy day.
  27. Fuzzy slippers.
  28. Door to door delivery service from the internet.
  29. Pretty nail polish.



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English: New Year's Resolutions postcard

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get back into doing my Gratitude Journal frequently.  I still take stock in my head and say my thanks for my blessings to God, but it’s amazing how much putting it down in writing helps keep up an attitude of positivity.

One of my other New Year’s Resolutions is to maintain positivity in my life.  As I’ve done in the past, that’s going to include using as positive language as possible.  I haven’t always succeeded, but that’s why it’s a resolution and that’s why I try to back it up with taking account of all of the things I’m grateful for.

And for those with long memories who remember that another past resolution was to stop cussing… this year I’ve tailored it somewhat to “stop cussing when the children are around.”  So far so good.  It’s 8:48 AM on January 4th and I haven’t cussed at all this year, let alone in front of the children.  Unless you count cussing that’s in your head.  I haven’t cussed out loud.  And I haven’t cussed in print either… at least not written while the children were in the room… that I recall…

I’m screwed.

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A steamed tail-on shrimp.

A steamed tail-on shrimp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here it is, New Year’s Eve, and I’m home with my family.  We’re just relaxing and ticking down time until the ball drops.  Well, the girls are.  The Mister is napping and one girl is starting a bath.  Another is watching a movie on a mini DVD player while the eldest girl makes something with colored duct tape.  Who knew that was a thing? There’s even an after school cluster that teaches middle schoolers how to make usable things out of colored duct tape.  That’s a Pinterest category I hadn’t seen yet, so I’ll have to search for it.  She’d love that.  She had a lot of fun using the duct tape to make a pyramid for a class earlier today.  She’s making bricks out of purple duct tape and applying it to the box she’s supposed to use… but the tape is also being used for practical uses to help hold the thing together too.  I think.  She has little clay canopic jars she made that she has to put apple seeds into, and an apple slice that she mummified in salt last week.

We had a nice dinner, poor man’s version of shrimp scampi ha ha.  It was simple and the shrimp was mini frozen shrimp from WalMart.  I had to use powdered garlic since it’s not a Super WalMart yet and they didn’t have fresh garlic.  🙂  It was filling and pretty good.  Gracie didn’t say a single word during dinner because her mouth was stuffed the entire time.  That’s the biggest compliment on a meal, let me tell you.  The girl who won’t eat anything sitting with a stuffed mouth saying nothing, but humming while she eats and not even caring if butter drips on her chin? Best compliment on a meal.  Truly.  When she finished, she said that her tummy hurt and asked what that meant.  I told her it meant her tummy was full of food and she over-ate.  She scrunched her eyebrows and said, “Hmmm.  Oh.”  That tells you how often she stuffs herself.  🙂

I completely forgot to put out salad.  I even bought banana pepper rings and olives, which Anna now wants to simply eat in a bowl next to chips and salsa.

Me… I’m ready for some Advil Cold & Sinus, green tea, a book, and bed.  Maybe some chips and salsa first.  Or maybe green tea and ice cream.  After all of the snow these past several days, I’m achy and still dealing with a headache with the remnants of the laryngitis.  My body still feels all beat up.   Sleep will be welcome.

Oh, don’t pity me for being home on New Year‘s Eve.  You’re home too.  🙂  But if you go out tonight, please be safe.  Don’t drink and drive.  If you’re buzzed, then you’re drunk.  So don’t drive buzzed.

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English: A typical Snellen chart. Originally d...

My youngest daughter is such a sweetheart.  All of my girls are, and I really am proud of all of them, but I don’t talk about my little six-year-old Anna enough.

She’s a charmed soul.  She has wit, humor, intelligence, beauty, kindness, and a natural empathy.  She’s a people pleaser and a caretaker.  She makes me smile more often than not, and is so sensitive and sweet that it’s very touching.  She’s hardworking and helps with chores without having to be asked.  She’s always thinking of others.  I admire her, and I think I would admire her even if she weren’t my child. Of course I’m biased and I recognize that.

I wish I could take credit for raising her so well, but I think she’s turned out well in spite of me.  🙂

She’s in first grade, which is her first exposure to having to be in school all day.  She loves it.  She does her homework, she works hard, and she gets up bright and early to get herself ready.  She even helps get her big sister Gracie ready since they ride the bus together this year.

She’s been having a little trouble with her speech, though.  We were told to wait until her front grown-up teeth came in and they have, but she still has the speech issues so I requested an evaluation to help her out with some therapy.  During her parent-teacher conference it came up that her reading and writing aren’t quite where they should be although she’s doing a great job in both.  We thought that it was connected to her speech patterns since she has to spend more time deciphering words and how she thought they would be spelled based on how she’s been pronouncing them.

Several days ago she told me that she realized her eyes were seeing things fuzzy.  It struck her because when she’s sick, things are fuzzier but that things are always fuzzy… especially words and letters.  She has trouble seeing the board at school and doesn’t participate as much as she should, and this could a huge piece of the puzzle.  We’re getting her eyes tested during the holiday break next week and she’s really excited about the prospect of getting glasses so that she can see clearly.  She keeps asking when her eye exam is because she wants to see clearly NOW and wear glasses to school NOW.  I’m hopeful that this help her a lot.

And it brings up something else too.  Every year when the girls get their annual physicals the pediatrician does a basic eye test with the chart where the kids stand so many feet away.  If they’re too young to read letters then they read symbols instead.  There’s always a margin for error where the nurse says the kids are still within normal range and not to worry about getting their eyes tested by an Ophthalmologist.

I call bullshit.  It’s always bothered me because I keep track of how many my girls get wrong during that basic eye test and they always get more wrong than I’m comfortable with.  The pediatrician and nurse always both say, “It’s fine, it’s within normal.  They saw the hardest lines and symbols, and they saw the majority.”

Listen.  If you have any doubt then get the kids tested by an Ophthalmologist.  And once you do, get them tested annually.  Especially if a need for corrective lenses runs in the family and on top of it either you or your child’s other biological parent (or both of you) wear glasses.  Don’t wait for the pediatrician to say, “It’s time to get their eyes tested.”  Just do it.  I’m likely going to get Juliana and Gracie’s eyes tested after the New Year when things settle down.  Anna is simply more urgent with her eyes right now, especially since she’s also complaining of eye aches and headaches that I think may be related to eye strain.

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