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It’s Saturday, and I don’t have anywhere to be.  Strike that, my friends.  It’s Saturday and I don’t have anywhere to be THAT I CAN RECALL.  I blame it on the fresh snow and my need for coffee to help dispel this new migraine.  I’ve been awake since 7:00 AM because that’s when my noisy children started waking up and moving around.  That’s when I noticed we got a couple of extra inches of snow overnight rather than a “dusting.”  It’s also when I figured out why I was waking up with a headache that I was ready to blame on my children.

Although I count myself very lucky this morning that it’s a migraine and not carbon monoxide poisoning.  One of the first Facebook statuses I read this morning was that of a dear friend who said she woke up with a headache that turned out to be from her furnace spewing out smoke and was leaking.  They had to call the fire department and get some emergency service done to their furnace.  I’m so very grateful that they woke up this morning.  And selfishly, I’m grateful to still have my friend and her family.  It’s a good reminder to get your furnace checked and serviced every single year on schedule no matter how old or young your furnace is, okay? Please? I know that it’s a good reminder for me and The Mister.

And on that note, I’m going to get my butt up and make some coffee and indulge Gracie by making the Cinnamon Roll Cake that is her new favorite treat.  I pinned it a few weeks ago but I’ll share the recipe shortly.


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Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Cadbury's Dark Mini Eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been praying that the weather would warm back up soon, and the last few days have been gloriously sunny and pretty.  They’ve reached the low 50*s and been comfortable, which has been better on my poor joints and bones.  Stress always pushes that back a bit and of course makes my flare-ups worse, but with warmer weather I can sit in the sun and feel a lovely natural warmth loosen the pain a little bit.

Tonight or tomorrow, we’re supposed to get some much-needed rain.  Connecticut has been red-flagged for being severely high risk for brush fires and worse since it’s so dry and we’re in a rain deficit, partly because of the mild winter.  But I’ll be honest… I’m dreading it.

I’m dreading the migraine and the body pain, especially since I’m coming out of a moderate flare-up already.  I’ll be sure to take my Vitamin B-Complex and stay hydrated, and of course “get enough sleep” is always on my calendar.  But I know what’s coming if the weather men are right.

What am I saying? How often are the weather men really right? My body is right more often than they are.

My real saving grace is yoga.  Ease the back, the hips, the shoulders… redirect the stress and nervous energy.  Bring oxygen to the muscles.  ::sigh::  Pretend that it worked better than it did.  Tolerate it because I have to and there’s no alternative.  Then raid the girls’ Easter baskets.

No, not that part.  I have my own chocolate.  My favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury Mini Egg.  I love those little bits of sweet-smelling crusty sugar coating smooth chocolate.  I love the purple ones.  Chocolate makes me happy and there’s a scientific reason!!!! yes! a legitimate reason! to eat chocolate! I swear! I don’t have the research handy at the moment, but that would be a great post.

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My Bad Day

Yesterday was an awesome day, and by awesome I mean really supremely bad.  It started out great with the girls getting up and ready for school and on the bus without any problems.  I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop all week since I haven’t had bacon for Princess Gracie, especially since she was adamantly against going back to school after the misery of being out of power and out of school all last week from good old Nor’Easter Alfred.  I took advantage of the soothing and calming properties of chamomile tea since she loves the stuff.  I had a nice piping hot mug ready for her every morning.

It was gorgeous weather all week, sunny and in the 60’s.  Simply beautiful and perfect for people like me.

Then yesterday there was rain.  I woke up with a headache and body aches and then had a joyous time in the dentist chair.  I’m happy to report no cavities, but damn I’ll never enjoy sharp objects in my mouth cutting up my gums.  The chair and keeping my mouth open just made the aches and headache worse.  Wah.  Pain always makes the day difficult and long, but it was really tough yesterday.

My washing machine is a brat and doesn’t like to fill up when on the hot water setting.  Lord knows why.  So the bath towels and sheets weren’t washed when they were supposed to be because I didn’t notice this deficit in my washing machine until nearly bed time which meant no early bed for Mommy.

We lost power again for several hours mid-day, and when the girls got home from school they cried because of it.  Gracie wants to get rid of all the trees in the world so that wind and storms can’t make the branches and trees fall on power lines any more.  We can’t have power outages disrupting her video gaming, after all. Actually, it’s quite stressful for her because of her sensory problems and need for sticking to routines.  When her anxieties are increased, her sensory problems increase probably due to heightened perceptions and heightened needs.  She anticipated the worst, as did all of the girls, when seeing that the power was out.

After getting power back on, we had to run to the store to pick up bread in the rain and half the town still didn’t have power and it was quite disconcerting driving in town in the dark.  With a headache.  And wet shoes.

The nearly-empty kitchen sink that only had one dish and one glass, two forks and a spoon somehow got together and mated like rabbits creating an extended family of Overflowing Sink Stuff.  The bathrooms both look like a bomb went off.  My freshly scrubbed Murphy’s Oil Soaped floors that I broke my back over are already sticky, grubby, and dull.  Shoes are cluttering my front door.  WTF Family??? I had a clean house! Clean I tell you!

I get nice snuggly cats who can tell I don’t feel well.  They act as if they can take care of me, and that’s wonderful.  But they’re being caddy bytches to each other for some reason and Daisy is missing a patch of fur over her right temple.  It’s noticeable because she has white fur with really pink skin. So Daisy starts acting needy on top of being affectionate.  At least she seems to remember her own name again.

But you know, that doesn’t even top my day.  Luna, the smart cat, seems to have forgotten how to clean her own ass and has Crusty Butt.  I gave her every chance and even tried to her help her clean it.  ::sigh::  Does that count as cat hair art? But with freshly washed sheets there was no way she was getting on my bed again, nor the couches, nor anywhere else.  She tolerated the procedure so at least I didn’t get my face torn off.  But yea, the topper for my crappy day was to shave my cat’s ass before going to bed just in case you didn’t quite get what I was talking about.


You’d better bet I had ice-cream before bed to make the medicine go down.

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What a tired, exhausted, migraine-addled mom does on a rainy night that’s got flooey barometric pressure which caused said migraine:

Relaxes in bed listening to the girls watching a Barbie movie.

Annoys cats as they snuggle up yet refuse to allow her to pet them.

Takes Advil and hopes it kicks in.

Eats some Chobani and hopes it settles the nausea from the migraine.

Wishes wine didn’t clash with migraine medication.

Checks on kids face to face making sure they didn’t build a roller coaster out of straws and Polly Pocket parts.

Realizes they didn’t ask for supper.

Makes Stove Top Stuffing.

Serves it for s\








Ahem, sorry, that was my cat Luna deciding that I wasn’t paying enough attention to her and blogging to let the world know about it.

So yes, I was bragging about my stellar parenting.  And how all my migraine-addled brain could manage to make for supper was Stove Top Stuffing:  Grab pan, boil water, forget to add butter, dump in bread crumbs, soak up water, stir, put sticky bread into bowls.

Kids are impressed.  They’re all like, “OOH STUFFING! YOU’RE AWESOME! IT’S DELICIOUS!” because, you know, I’m not forcing them to eat gross stuff like steamed veggies or lean meat or whole grain pasta for once.

I’m like, “Sure, yeah, uh huh… here’s a vitamin.”

Now it’s bed time.  And they’re actually tired enough to go to bed at a normal hour.  I’d like to know WHY ON A FRIDAY NIGHT are they not only ready for bed when it’s suggested, but they’re BEGGING for bed? Why doesn’t this happen on a school night?

Oh yeah, I know! I live in Opposite Town! Which is a suburb of CrazyVille! That’s okay, I’ll get them back.  I’m eating refried beans.  That’s right.  JUST refried beans.  For supper.  Revenge comes in many forms.

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I know I shouldn’t let my feelings be hurt by this, but my middle daughter has been nonverbal today.  I should probably clarify that.  She’s been mostly nonverbal today.  The few times Gracie‘s been verbal have been to speak with Anna.  That’s it.  She’s not even really talking into the air like she sometimes does, making her occasional observations or statements and hoping or expecting someone to hear her and respond.  She’s just in her own little world.  When I’ve tried to speak to her today she gets agitated and annoyed with me.  She’s pleasant with her little sister.

I can’t help but take that a little bit personally.  Today I’m just the one that provides the food (chocolate peanut butter on honey wheat bread and peach crisp).  She won’t answer direct questions.  She won’t look me in the eye.  She won’t even sit next to me on the couch.  I have to communicate with her through her sister.  “Anna, please ask Gracie if …” “Anna, what would Gracie like for …”

This is really typical behavior.  Maybe I’m more sensitive to it today because I’m feeling more like I want to be closer to her today.  I had a rough migraine weekend and two of my girls aren’t feeling well today.  In fact we had to make a trip to the pediatrician this morning.  She’s the only one who seems to be feeling well, but if I’m having another migraine (thank you, weather-that-can’t-decide-if-it-wants-to-rain-so-barometric-pressure-sucks-hard) chances are she may be having one too.  She woke up two nights in a row asking for Advil for a headache.  The entire weekend she was extra sensitive and moody and I had to make sure that she had plenty of sensory stimulation with her body brushing.  I even took her body brush out with us and had to use it.  She held my hand everywhere and stayed close by me without reminders, although in parking lots she decided she had to have Big Sister be her buddy.  We use the Buddy System, mainly so I don’t have to count heads, but also because Gracie tends to be a wanderer.

Amazingly, when we went peach and apple picking she was a bit too nervous to wander.  She became anxious if I moved out of her line of sight even if The Mister was in her sights and she could hear my voice.  She had to be close by and hear me even while she was obsessed with finding “perfect fruit.”

Maybe that’s why I’m feeling a little hurt today.  She was so… close to me this weekend.  It’s not often that she lets me be physically close and hug her and hold her hand if it’s not for her sensory diet or therapeutic purposes so over the weekend, she really needed the contact and attention but now she’s pushing away for the same reasons.  She needs distance for the same exact reasons she was needing me to stimulate her and soothe her.  It’s hard to be pushed away when you instinctively know that your child needs to mothered yet she’s instinctively showing that she can’t handle it.

Honestly the hardest part about Autism sometimes is the communication barrier.  I know my child better than anyone else in the world, sometimes better than she knows herself, and she’s still a mystery.  Some days she can be a chatter box (comparatively speaking) while others she’s explosive and mouthy.  She’s opened up a little bit while I’ve been writing this and she’s chattering away in the sun room with Anna while they play, being silly and loud.  She won’t answer me when I talk to her, so hearing her interact with her sister will have to do.

I won’t take it personally.  That would be like taking Autism and Sensory Integration Disorder personally, right?

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Pain Faces

Hyperbole and a Half Art

I had to sleep in a bit this morning because I had a horrible migraine.  Pain, auras, dizziness, nausea, fever, the whole nine.  We apparently had a rain storm during the night so with the changes in barometric pressure it’s not really a surprise.  In fact, my husband, The Mister, knew I would wake up with a migraine before I did.

When I say I slept in, I mean I stayed in bed until 12:30.  At that point, The Mister was anxious to get out to go grocery shopping and not “waste the day away.”  Because you know, sleeping off a migraine with Imitrex and Advil is such a waste.

“Are you okay?”

“I have a migraine.”

“I know, it’s been pretty stormy.  All night and morning.  Did you take some Advil?”


“You know, we have stuff to do.”

“I know, I didn’t exactly plan the migraine.”

“Well, other people have debilitating migraines too and they don’t let them run their lives.”

“Uhhh… yes, yes other people have debilitating migraines and actually they do ‘let’ them run their lives.  What do you think ‘debilitating’ means?”

“Just because you have a migraine that doesn’t mean you can’t function.”

“When its debilitating it does.  Debilitating doesn’t exactly leave a choice.”

“What would you do if I wasn’t home?”

“I guess I’m lucky you’re home.”


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