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Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Cadbury's Dark Mini Eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been praying that the weather would warm back up soon, and the last few days have been gloriously sunny and pretty.  They’ve reached the low 50*s and been comfortable, which has been better on my poor joints and bones.  Stress always pushes that back a bit and of course makes my flare-ups worse, but with warmer weather I can sit in the sun and feel a lovely natural warmth loosen the pain a little bit.

Tonight or tomorrow, we’re supposed to get some much-needed rain.  Connecticut has been red-flagged for being severely high risk for brush fires and worse since it’s so dry and we’re in a rain deficit, partly because of the mild winter.  But I’ll be honest… I’m dreading it.

I’m dreading the migraine and the body pain, especially since I’m coming out of a moderate flare-up already.  I’ll be sure to take my Vitamin B-Complex and stay hydrated, and of course “get enough sleep” is always on my calendar.  But I know what’s coming if the weather men are right.

What am I saying? How often are the weather men really right? My body is right more often than they are.

My real saving grace is yoga.  Ease the back, the hips, the shoulders… redirect the stress and nervous energy.  Bring oxygen to the muscles.  ::sigh::  Pretend that it worked better than it did.  Tolerate it because I have to and there’s no alternative.  Then raid the girls’ Easter baskets.

No, not that part.  I have my own chocolate.  My favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury Mini Egg.  I love those little bits of sweet-smelling crusty sugar coating smooth chocolate.  I love the purple ones.  Chocolate makes me happy and there’s a scientific reason!!!! yes! a legitimate reason! to eat chocolate! I swear! I don’t have the research handy at the moment, but that would be a great post.


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This year is the first year that all three of my daughters are aware of the reality status of the Easter Bunny.  Me being me, I’m feeling a little torn about that.

First off let me make it clear that I didn’t spring that information on them.  Oh look, ha ha! Easter… Spring… I didn’t “spring” it on them! Ahem.  No, my youngest daughter figured it all out on her own.  I should preface this even further by stating that this past Christmas was her second Christmas knowing the reality status of Santa Claus.  She figured that out on her own.  From there, she connected the dots.

Then she and my eldest held up the conspiracy for their sister, my middle daughter, until this past Christmas.  Then they decided to just openly start talking about the reality status of Santa.  Then more teeth started to fall out and that led to the Tooth Fairy.  Of course now there’s Easter and Mr. E.B.

Gracie is taking it all in stride.  We haven’t spoken directly one on one about it, but the conversations have been in front of her and her sisters are trying to include her in them.  In one of these conversations Anna asked her,

“Oh wait! Do you still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny?”

“I didn’t for always.  You and Junie belief.  I pretended but then I believed.  Now I don’t again.”

Clear as mud? So that solves that.  No apparent trauma.  The kids are quite happy to all be in on the magic for the kids who do still believe and to pretend for the sake of their friends and cousins and other little ones who aren’t in on the holiday magic.  They like being part of something that the grown ups know, and being trusted to help make it fun for the little ones.  They’re having fun with that.  I’m proud of them.

I think they made such a great transition because the main focus on Easter has always been about Jesus rising from the dead after the sacrifice he made for us, and the celebration that Easter represents.  It’s about family and the joy of our faith, the miracle of the Resurrection and looking forward to learning about the continuation of Jesus’s ministry after the Resurrection and prior to his Ascension  (it was the Ascension, right? With Mary is was the Assumption? I always get them confused.  Okay, yes… Jesus Ascended because he rose up into Heaven all on his own.  Mary’s body was carried into Heaven by the Angels after she died so that her body wouldn’t be corrupted by decomposition ie. was “assumed” up into Heaven not of her own accord).  This Lent has been especially special since it was the first one where Anna was in catechism classes through our church.  We have a wonderful CCD program with great teachers and a great director, and they make it fun for the kids.  It helps that it’s a wonderful, accepting church with a young parish and progressive membership.

Hmm… this got a bit longer than I intended.  I get a bit windy sometimes.  🙂

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