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English: Roasted coffee beans photographed using a macro technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I think I’m a coffee snob.  Not a huge one or anything, because I’ll drink coffee from Dunkin Donuts or Starbuck’s or even McDonald’s in a pinch.  I don’t get the coffee “drinks” either… I get the actual coffee, nice and bitter with just a little bit of creamer and sometimes a lovely flavor like pumpkin or vanilla or mocha.


I don’t really get the huge fucking deal over Keurig.  It’s not the best tasting coffee.  You can’t convince me that it is.  I know what good coffee tastes like, and I make it in my own kitchen.  With a French Press.  I have a lovely Bodum French Press.  I use fresh coarsely beans that I grind myself at the grocery store.  They would, of course, be more fresh if I ground them in the kitchen but until I get a coffee grinder as a gift I’m  happy with grinding at the store.

I’ve been served delicious coffee at my mother-in-law’s house.  She makes wicked coffee and espresso.  My grandfather makes really good coffee too.  I’ve been to a couple of restaurants that have perfected good coffee, although most are just okay.  You really want a cafe that specializes in making premium coffee or make it yourself.


Keurig… well… it’s kind of like coffee.  The thing is that even if you put in a K-cup that says it’s dark coffee, you can still see through it.  I use a clear glass mug sometimes and I brought one to work where we have a Keurig.  I can see through the dark coffee.  I can’t see through my coffee at home.  It has enough caffeine to keep me awake, but it’s just… I guess I’m a snob.  It doesn’t taste substantial.  I kind of like mud in my coffee.  Not coffee grounds, but MUD.  I like my coffee to have the consistency of blood, ha ha.  It makes sense if I’m using it as a transfusion, really.


Seriously though! Is it that we Americans as a whole like Coffee Drinks and therefore Weak Coffee? Am I spoiled by growing up in a household that enjoyed strong coffee? Am I spoiled by having a real Italian mother-in-law who knows how to make Real Italian Coffee? Am I spoiled by my French Press?


Don’t get me wrong… I’ll even drink the coffee they serve on Family Weekends at church.  I’ve often told them that if they served BETTER coffee that they would get higher church attendance, though.  Oddly enough, about a month ago they “changed coffee suppliers.”  I hope that soon they change the big tank they keep the coffee in, because it’s burning that shit.  Can I call it “shit” if it’s coffee made in a church?


And don’t me wrong on the Keurig… it’s better than Church Coffee.  And since we have it at work, I drink it.  I even drink the decaf mild breakfast blend.  Why? Because it’s THERE.  But, you know, I’m still being snobby about it.  I admit it was deliciously amazing the week that I splurged and shared some Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice K-cups with the office.  When I’m temporarily rich again, I may have to do get some more D & D K-cups.  I also have to say that Keurig coffee is way better when it’s in a real mug and not in a paper cup, but I’m thinking about spoiling my coworkers and getting an electric kettle and a French Press eventually to share the joy of muddy coffee.


Okay, I’ll stop being obtuse now.  I know that it’s a major benefit to have coffee at your fingertips without actually having to prepare the coffee.  Fill a water tank, put in a prefilled K-cup, mug under a dripper, and press a button.  BAM you have coffee.  So I guess you (I) have to make sacrifices somewhere.

Yes, yes, I know… I blog altogether too much about coffee.





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