Last week I had a neurology check up. I love this guy. He took it very seriously that I had a migraine that was on its ninth day, and showed no sign of alleviating. I’d been taking my daily med religiously; I’d been taking the Imitrex when it got out of control. I’d even been taking Advil on occasion in order to make it through work. I told him that I’d missed two days of work in spite of it all, and wasn’t sleeping even on the weekend.

He prescribed Prednisone, which he said would likely leave me feeling wired like after having way too much caffeine. He said not to take the Imitrex with it, because the efficacy of the Imitrex would be non-existent while on the steroid. I should feel better after the 2nd or 3rd day, taking 5 tablets the first 3 days in the morning; then 4 tabs; then 3; and so on.

I started the Prednisone on Wednesday of last week. I’m feeling “better” but the weather we’ve had hasn’t entirely helped. I’ve had restless sleep thanks to pain, which of course hasn’t helped. Over the weekend any rest I attempted was interrupted by the girls, the Mister, or Leo calling for his Mama. That dog likes to wake everyone up by 7:30 am. If I’m not downstairs by 8:30 am on a weekend he calls me specifically, with this whiny barking that gets urgent, so I end up having to go downstairs to let him hug me. Yup, he’s a hugger. I had to train him to be a polite gentleman dog and hug “properly” so that he wouldn’t knock me down. Goober.

I think that if I can get some long, uninterrupted sleep while on the Prednisone, it’ll work much better. The cats like to take care of me when I’m in bed, so they won’t be a problem. It’s the rest of the clan. 🙂

I went to work today, and I’ll be honest, I should have stayed in bed after the kids got on their rides to school. The Prednisone isn’t wiring me up, it’s making me sleepy. Neat trick.

What worries me at the moment is that if that damned Trumpcare bill passes? Migraines aren’t covered. I could be denied healthcare coverage simply for my migraines. Forget everything else I have to cope with. Migraines can keep me from any sort of healthcare insurance because the bill, if passed into legislation, will allow insurance companies to deny me coverage as a pre-existing condition. That means out of pocket if I see my neurology; if I have to go the emergency room for debilitating migraines that only the hospital can handle; for any of my migraine control medications. That’s thousands upon thousands of dollars a year. If they deem me suitable to cover at all, migraines alone could raise my premium thousands upon thousands of dollars a year.

Just the migraines.

I’m not talking about a little pain in the head. I’m not talking about a headache that some rest and avoiding sex for a night will take care of.

I’m talking about truly debilitating problems that are neurological in nature. Migraines are painful in the eyes, behind the eyes, in the top of the head, behind the head. They cause vision problems. There are sparkles, floaters, auras in front of the eyes. There’s tunnel vision. There’s blackout vision, where nothing is visible at all. There’s vertigo. There are auditory problems, sometimes a blocking of the ears and sometimes hypersensitivity. There can be auditory, visual, tactile, and olfactory hallucinations. Any combination of these symptoms can cause nausea, and vomiting. Fever can occur during migraines. Difficulty and slurring of speech can occur. Inability to walk and stand upright, or even to sit. Light sensitivity. Skin sensitivity.

There is a complete lack of function. It’s debilitating. Literally debilitating. The worst of a migraine is like having a seizure and stroke at the same time. It takes a lot out of you physically and emotionally. You want to scream, cry, beg, plead, but you can’t even think straight let alone speak. You’re forced to ride it out.

Luckily, most of the time mine have been under control by taking Topomax daily. I take the Imitrex for breakthrough migraines that need to be put under control when Advil doesn’t work. After a week, more than that, when that didn’t work, I finally needed to figure out what to do with my doctor. And if this doesn’t help, I don’t know what the next step is. But we’ll get there.

I’ll only get there if the current law, the AHCA, remains in place.

Excellent blog entry.

How to spot Fascism before it’s too late


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Source: Strength Through Unity – by Maia Kobabe

This blog entry below was written by Jess, a mom blogger that I follow from “a diary of a mom.” She’s an inspiration as a parent that’s a true advocate for her autistic daughter and other individuals like her. As she learns, so do I.

I urge you to please, please read this entry she’s written. I don’t care which side of the Trumpcare support/nonsupport you fall on.


I have much to say about the events of the past few days. About the process by which this monumental piece of legislation was jammed through the House. About how some of those who voted for it admi…

Source: we are better than this | a diary of a mom

Every night before bed, I pray for what feels like the privilege to awaken with my family.

I pray for Mr. Trump to achieve, at the very least, mediocrity. If that can’t occur, I pray, then please keep his fucking hands off Twitter.


I’ve figured out why almost all of Mr. Trump’s adult children are assigned to high positions of government without ever having worked a day in their lives, even though they’ve been groomed to believe that they have: they’re intelligent enough to have figured out that they’re the only ones who can even attempt getting close enough to do damage control. They’re the only ones who can maybe, possibly get something done and then allow their father to take the credit.

But really… they’re the only ones who know just how deep his complete and utter lack of capabilities to do the simplest of tasks goes. They are there to cover for him. It worked, to a point, during the campaign. It worked enough that his rabid fans and some voters on the fence as well as die-hard Bern-outs were conned into voting for him.

Even those of us who knew better, researched him, learned about him, paid attention to what he said and did, didn’t really understand the true depth of what we witnessed in horror. We knew he was unethical, amoral, bigoted, misogynistic, selfish. We knew he meant every single disgusting thing he said.

We underestimated his lack of education, so many of us thinking his uneducated comments were calculated to be geared toward the uneducated voters and those who turned their back on their education.

It turns out that he really is that uneducated, in fact it’s so bad that he’s unintelligent. He’s not intellectually disabled. He’s not disabled at all.

We underestimated just how black his soul, if he has any part of it left, really is.

So don’t let anyone that armchair diagnoses him with a mental health disability fool you into thinking he’s just in need of some ADA accommodations, therapy, and medication and then we’ll have a spectacular president. He’s not impaired, but the country is thanks to him and those he’s surrounded himself with as well as the politicians that set up the groundwork to put him there, thinking they could control him.

Don’t blame the Democrats for this mess. Oh, no. That’s the narrative that Trump and the Republicans are feeding us, and the narrative that the media is now buying into.

I suppose it’s a lot easier to blame Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party for being out of touch than to call attention to the fact that “in touch” means that the country is far more willing to elect a known criminal and believe his lies than to elect a woman. “In touch” means that we allowed an actual criminal to collude with an enemy state to interfere with and steal an election. “In touch” means that we now allow political parties to define themselves by religion, to align themselves with supposed religious ideations, and to suppress human rights with them. “In touch” means that we wanted it to be acceptable to be openly racist, bigoted, misogynistic, abusive, discriminatory, and expect that no one call us out on it let alone call the police on it considering, you know, that shit is illegal.



It’s even easier to blame the Democratic Party for “stealing” the nomination from B.Sanders even though he was never truly a Democrat, and they knew it. He knew it. He was an Independent Party politician running as a Democrat, and he wasn’t running with good faith. He should have trusted in his own party and run as Independent. I may like a lot of what that man has to say, at least now in this part of his career, but I’ll never forgive him for the ready-made excuse he handed the media and Republicans. Luckily for him, the Democratic Party is classy enough to refrain from bringing it up even if I’m not.

And so now we have the Republicans trying to cover their asses with this commission “looking into the FBI” and how they did or did not handle investigating Hillary Clinton’s e-mails? And they’re insistent with this commission not on finding out the truth regarding Trump’s collusion and that of his staff into treason, but those who accused them of Russian ties and the rest of the Russian mess. Because you know… they  need a really good bait and switch right about now.

Which tells me that there’s another Something Big that the FBI is going to be sharing soon, and it won’t be pretty for the Trump administration. What better timing than now to have a ready made excuse to fire Comey. And Trump just isn’t that intelligent… but his children are.


Source: George Will: Trump disabled by inability to think, speak clearly | TheHill

The bill repealing the protections laid out in the Americans Health Care Act will affect every single person that needs health care unless you happen to be lucky enough to be a millionaire or billionaire and cost means nothing to you. What this bill actually does is blow up all positive steps forward in the current Americans Health Care Act (ie. Obamacare).

And sneaky, sneaky Pence and Ryan snuck into the bill a prohibition of using tax credits to buy insurance that would provide coverage for abortions. Now, “abortion” is a catch-all term medically speaking for the necessity to terminate a pregnancy. If someone has a miscarriage or a situation where the fetus is failing to thrive, there’s a D & C but it’s not called that when they write up the file and submit it to insurance. The coding is for an abortion. It doesn’t state the circumstances, willingness, or unwillingness of the mother.

All this bill does is attempt to dismantle President Obama’s legacy by inflicting stereotypical, hateful, evangelistic, extremist, immoral, unethical views from a sect of christianity that’s wormed its way into our government all the way to the top. It breaks my heart as a Christian. It breaks my heart as a mother, daughter, wife, friend. This can’t go unanswered.

The vote is TODAY. It’s still not too late to tell your Senators to stop this in its tracks.


The House is set to vote Thursday on the latest version of Republicans’ Obamacare repeal legislation.

Source: Obamacare repeal bill: What does it actually do?

You’ve probably noticed that I’m not writing about politics lately. It’s because on a daily basis, sometimes more often than that, there’s news coming from the White House that makes me want to stab someone in the eye.

Today is not one of those days.

Today, Trump removed Bannon from the National Security Council. Bloomberg reported this first, this morning, if sources are correct. Some are saying that it’s because he’s “no longer needed” because his role was really to keep an eye on Flynn who of course was removed for not informing Pence or Trump about his ties to Russia.

How long before people start disappearing versus just being removed? People who can prove the treason of the entire Trump Administration including Trump himself? Does no one else see a concerning pattern emerging? History repeating?

This article linked below, and what I’m writing, may be a trigger for autistic people who have had to endure ABA “therapy” simply for having the term ABA. It’s a disturbing blog entry, to say the least.

The writer talks about the most disturbing part of why ABA is torture and invalid as treatment, and should never be used on anyone: the goal is to make autistic people indistinguishable from their non-autistic peers.

We treat our animal companions better when we’re training them, but we’re not training dogs or cats.

We’re raising families. It’s our job to adjust how we parent, not mold our children into a pre-conceived notion of what we imagined our children would be. ABA doesn’t respect the individuality of the person. There isn’t any recognition of bodily autonomy.

When we hear stories like this from former ABA therapists, believe it. It corroborates the hundreds if not thousands of reports from autistic teens and adults that have endured ABA.

The problem, however, is that no one believes autistic people when they share their heartbreaking stories of ABA Abuse until former ABA therapists corroborate the reports. Instead of taking the word of the people who were abused, people wait for evidence and testimony from those who dished it out and are non-disabled; who witnessed it with nothing to gain.

I’m grateful for the community of autistic adults and teens online for sharing their stories. It made it less likely for my daughter to have to endure ABA. We were able to make sure that her PPT team avoided it and her doctors didn’t prescribe it. I just wish that were true for everyone who ever has to go through this.




I abused children for a living. It didn’t look like abuse. It didn’t feel like abuse (at least not to me) but it was definitely abuse. I see that now. Back then, I actually thought I wa…

Source: I Abused Children For A Living – Diary Of A Birdmad girl

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