Ever since rescuing Leo, I’ve been reading up on how to try to train him out of being a canine garbage can. He eats anything and everything he can. A lot of it is just because it smells good, looks cool, is something new. A lot of it is out of revenge, curiosity, self-education, and pure spite. I think that maybe >0.2% is out of hunger.

The boy loves cut, freshly mowed grass. He loves grass to begin with but nothing beats grass that the lawn owner decided didn’t need to be caught in a basic lawnmower catchment bag while mowing. He becomes The Strongest Puppy in the World when on a walk and we come across freshly cut mounds of grass. He’ll grab such large chunks that he’ll gag and start to choke… and he doesn’t care. Not until he can’t breathe.

The goober.

He likes to go for the candy wrappings, tiny alcohol bottles, fast food wrappers, bird crap, cigarettes, rocks, shoes, dinner mints, beer bottles, dead animals, old cups, empty water bottles, and anything else people like to toss out of their cars onto my street and into my neighborhood. We clean this crap up every day for the sake of the dogs in the neighborhood and for fuck’s sake it keeps happening. My back can’t take it. These arthritic hips can’t take it.

People suck. Throw away your fucking garbage. Because since you won’t throw away your fucking garbage like a fucking human being? I have to read articles about learning to Heimlich and CPR my dog.

Training him to “leave it” works about 75% of the time. Training him to “drop it” works about 60/40% of the time when he’s picked something up during that failed 25%.

When he fails to “drop it” on command, and something other than a food item that won’t hurt him, he knows the drill is going to be:

  1. right hand over snout
  2. finger prying open lips
  3. lips pressing on his teeth so he opens his own mouth
  4. left hand pulling out whatever garbage or other item is in his mouth

Sometimes he actually can’t drop it. He panics. It’s stuck on the side of his cheek, or the roof of his mouth, or it’s too far back in his mouth. But he wants it out. Because if he obeys the “drop it” command, he just might get a small treat to replace it.

And sometimes, whatever is in his mouth is something that panics him because it doesn’t feel good and he shows me what he did and in his puppy way “asks” me to get it out for him. That definitely deserves a treat. No close calls so far, but this nearly 30-lb pup gets into EVERYTHING.

In fact, sometimes he’ll get into something and pick it up just so that we’ll tell him to “drop it” in the hopes of getting a treat and lots of praise for obeying.

The goober.

One of these days he’s going to need the Heimlich or CPR because of his little pranks.

And so, luckily I subscribed to this dog magazine’s free newsletter. There are occasionally some helpful articles, and they lead me to research the subject matter further.

And so. Dog owners. If you haven’t thought about learning the Heimlich and CPR on your dog before now, no matter old your dog is, it’s never too late to learn.



Some dogs—especially puppies—will chew on nearly anything in sight. Dog and cat owners may find their curious pet chewing on shoes, furniture, and even clothing. Although it can be hard to stop young pups and playful cats from chewing on objects other than toys, it is still possible for pets to choke on their toys, other objects, and even food. In addition to learning how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on a choking pet, it is equally important to learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a dog in case of an emergency.

Source: CPR and Heimlich Maneuver on Pets | Modern Dog magazine

​If you blocked someone years ago for what were very good reasons, then unblock them to see if things were really that bad, please know that FaceBook forces you to wait a minimum of 48 hours to reblock them. 

Yes, even if it only takes less than an hour to figure out, “Oh my goodness, it’s so much worse.” 

Moral of the story: not all cheese and wine age well. 

Hmm. So Phyllis Shlafly has died at the age of 92 years. It’s easier to explain what she stood against than what she stood for, politically and religiously. Suffice it to say, she was against: feminism, Women’s Rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, bilingual education, abortion, religious freedom, Communism, equal pay for Women, and a few other things I forget at the moment. To give you an idea of how little I agreed with Phyllis and her politics and religious ideologies: The likes of Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Ted Cruz are mourning her death as a great, great loss to America and the Conservative Right.  

Of course there’s more to her than this paper doll figure I’ve set up for you here. She had far more depth, vicious all the way through, disguised as a Conservative who was an advocate for women, families, and children. I don’t really make it a habit to celebrate the death of anyone, but I’ll say that I won’t mourn her passing, or find her to be a loss to the world. Her passing isn’t a loss for America. I’m sure that this isn’t an appropriate response to someone’s death. After all, we’re taught that it’s poor form to speak ill of the dead even if they deserved it.

So while I won’t, or can’t feel sorrow at her passing, I also can’t celebrate her death, as so many on social media are doing today. Her voice brought about conversation, discussion, counterpoints, argument, and a thoroughness so that each opposing viewpoint was forced to look at itself. She was an extreme in her ideas, and she was fierce… and that fierce passion she had was something that I can actually admire. I don’t admire the great majority of her causes, but the emotion behind it… can’t we all?

I do feel sorrow for her family, that they’ll feel a loss without her, as I’m sure she was a good mother and grandmother. It sounds to me that she was an astounding advocate, and one that you would have wanted in your corner. She was a woman who felt passionately about a great many things, and not everything about her was terrible. Maybe she was a sweet grandma.

Yes, I found this woman to be a disgrace and a traitor to all women of America whether they were Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Christian, non-Christian, and anyone in between. She may have been a mean old hag, dangerous to our nation’s values, but celebrating her death is beneath us. This mourning period is not really for her but to pay respect to her family and those who did personally love her and will miss her.

As much as I despised her politics and how she twisted Christianity, I didn’t know her personally and so…. I’m trying to apply my belief that 99.9999% of all people have good in them. No one is all bad, just as no one is all good. We owe it to people to assume that there was something loveable about them. After all, the Catholic girl in me says that she was a child of God, and God doesn’t make junk. As a parent, I know that our children grow and make their own choices and we have to let them figure out the consequences as they go. Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes not. Free will and all.

That all said, I find it far more disgraceful and embarrassing to capitalize on her death. It’s shady and slimy. What am I talking about? Just check D. Trump’s Twitter account. Trump and Pence are cashing in on her death. They’re encouraging people to buy her book about D.Trump as a “tribute” to her life and death. Considering she was against free trade, I think she’d expect that after death people would do one of two things: vilify her as heathens do, or mourn her as good Christians do.😉 And I’m sure she’d want her book to sell sell sell sell sell to help capitalize gains for her family fortune. I think that first and foremost, she would want a proper mourning period; she would want respect from those who actually respected her. For Christians, that typically means attending a wake, and a funeral, and bringing a casserole for the family to freeze or making a donation to a cause the decedent felt strongly about. Then later on, encouraging people to buy the damned book for her family’s gain and your own political gain.

I’m not sure how to close this one. I still have a lot of thoughts floating around, but I don’t want to flood a single post.

A friend on Facebook shared this article about an artist’s rendering of Donald Trump: it’s a statue of him in his birthday suit. I’ll spare you the images, but here’s the article source I’ve chosen to use (rather thsn the one my friend shared) with an excerpt:


Source: 11 photos of NYC’s naked Trump statue | The Verge

Five identical statues of a nude Donald Trump have appeared overnight on street corners in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Seattle, and New York City.

The Washington Post reports that the anarchist collective INDECLINE is responsible for the statues, and are calling this project “The Emperor Has No Balls.” The name is ostensibly a reference to the famous fairytale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” in which a narcissistic emperor gets conned into strolling amongst his people in the nude. Mr. Robot fans might liken the stunt to the one pulled by the show’s anti-capitalist fsociety, who symbolically removed the testicles from the iconic Wall Street bull statue.

An anonymous spokesperson from INDECLINE told the Post, “like it or not, Trump is a larger-than-life figure in world culture at the moment. Looking back in history, that’s how those figures were memorialized and idolized in their time — with statues.”


The question came up the particular article she shared and in other places on my friend’s FB as to whether or not it’s body shaming. 

Nope. Not even remotely. It’s shaming him, all right, but it’s shaming his behavior, attitudes, personality, and proclaimed beliefs.  According to the artist/s as we can see from the project’s name, it’s 100% politically motivated, and it’s not necessarily intended to be unifying. 😶

We know what it means when we say that someone “has no balls.” Not all art is Deep Thought, after all.Other interpretations and how people feel about artistic renderings is something else entirely. 

Many people are under the false impression that art is supposed to be happy, joyful, touchy-feely, feel good stuff that’s colorful, pretty, aesthetically pleasing, and non-controversial. Many people seem to think that art is supposed to be an expression of one’s inner soul, one’s inner beauty, and an expression of the great ideals of our inner and outer worlds. 

That when we spark creativity in our children, it must always come out positively, sparkly, colorfully, joyfully, happily, beautifully. When our children express themselves in their art showing sadness, anger, and other emotions and thoughts that we find uncomfortable to deal with we stifle them.

We don’t teach our children (or anyone) that art isn’t supposed to please everyone. We don’t teach them that:

  • Art can be offensive
  • Art can be ugly
  • Art can be messy
  • Art can be crass
  • Art can be ballsy
  • Art can be ungraceful
  • Art can be hateful
  • Art can be sad
  • Art can be morbid
  • Art can be inept
  • Art can be prickly
  • Art can be void of color and sparkles and glitter
  • Art can be disorganized
  • Art can be more honest than you want it to be
  • Art can be undiplomatic
  • Art can be political
  • Art can be uncomplimentary
  • Art can be distasteful
  • Art can be uncomfortable
  • Art is a device for communicating things in a way that words are inadequate for expressing
  • Art is a device for instigating discussion and different ways of thinking versus the echo chambers we become so used to being in


It’s a fantastical political statement, which of course art has done for centuries. Art has a way of humbling the individuals, its subject matter, in a way that no other representation can manage. It’s not the first time that art has stripped an individual down completely in such a manner, in such a statement as already mentioned in the article that I chose to share.  As an artist, I think that it’s important to allow and view any artist’s impression of ANY public figures, as art is part of our freedom of expression ie. freedom of speech. It’s protected. 

I find the statues to be crass and ugly, but I think it was wrong to deface them while removing them from immediate public view. They could have been safely removed and privately housed.

This group, INDECLINE, intended this to be a political statement targeting D. Trump, and for it to hit below the belt, but it’s serving other purposes.On top of the political statement that was intended, people are remembering how to be silly. 

We all take ourselves so seriously during the election seasons, and we all hold so fast to our opinions and our candidates that we forget to laugh sometimes. We forget to strip the candidates bare, including our own chosen candidates. 

These statues stripped Trump bare politically and “literally” in a figurative representation of his birthday suit (let me point out quickly that I know something that’s figurative can’t be literal). 

It’s stripping Trump bare without the brass, hype, fandom, bank notes, gold-plated everything, or the noise that bursts from his face; without the pomp and circumstance and finely tailored clothes, he’s just a typical pudgy 70 year old man with a cranky face and intimidating posturing.

Do I think D.Trump literally looks like that under his clothes? Do I think about what he specifically looks like? Do you care what I think about that? 😂 I’ve no clue and I never took time to think about it until now. I’ve always wondered why women found him attractive, but different women find all kinds of men attractive… and with him I always figured that his perceived power and his money came into play. 😉

What I think regarding how INDECLINE chose this representation is: They found an average 70 year old man and used him as their model for the body of the statue.

I’m not talking about the average fit 70 year old movie star that works out with a trainer at the gym and a nutritionist, and looks dashing in a bathing suit and people comment on how he looks 15 years younger… such as Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot. They aren’t your average 70-something year old men, and it’s safe to say that they ie. someone who looks like them wouldn’t have been his body double models for the statue.

In reality, Stephen Root (yes, granted, he’s only 64 years old but I thought he was a little older) is likely a far more accurate representation and and much more similar to the model that was used. That’s practicality. That’s having sat in several college art classes in which I had to draw from a real life aging nude male model.

And why? Why that pudgy representation in addition to the small balls? Because apart from swimming in a pool of bank notes, can you really picture D. Trump working out in a gym? Even if it’s one he had built in one of his homes? 

I think it’s more realistic that the only time he sweats is when he’s lying (as he stands) underneath the lights of the cameras. And that the reason his suits, expensive and tailored as they may be, are a little too big and ill-fitting in order to hide the fact that he’s no Sam Elliot underneath. As someone who used to be thin, and then hovered around 280 lbs for far too long and is only now back below 200 lbs, I know the tricks to hide weight that I’m ashamed to have.

Or perhaps he’s lost weight and really is just too cheap to buy a new suit or have his current ones tailored.

I know I’ve said multiple times in my blog that I find him to be vile for things he’s said and done, and I’ll admit straight out that the ugliness I believe to be in his soul (if he has one) affects my visual perception of him apart from the bright orange skin and questionable squirrely hair. 

The fact that the statues were damned orange and included his iconic hair, real or toupee, is exaggerated and made the statues’ identity undoubtedly recognizable to the entire world even if nothing else about those statues can?

That’s funny.

That’s funny because the statues are 3-D caricatures, which happened to have been crassly naked. Caricatures are a worldwide phenomenon, and they’re traditionally funny. We got to fairs and circuses and carnivals where there are artist vendors who’ll do your caricature for $5 as a keepsake. We laugh at them, because they capture the parts of us that are most recognizable, even that parts we might not want to be so recognizable. They’re also traditionally used in political cartoons, which are hardly ever flattering (that’s being kind). It’s not such a huge jump for someone to sculpt one.

Please note… I’m not remarking at all about my personal unbiased opinion is about his physical appearance as a human being because a person can’t help the genetics they’re born with. I think to do so is an ugly thing. The rest is fair game. That’s the point of the statues. They’re not about his outward appearance.

That means that any artist anywhere has a lot to work with.

You know what I just realized? I write a lot about disability and advocating for disabled individuals. I write a lot about acceptance in disability, whether you’re a parent, friend, coworker, or even someone who has never met someone with a disability (that you know of); and yet I’m not sure that I’ve ever explained in the simplest of terms what a disability is.

I just get so fired up.

Disability is a physical, neurological, or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities. It may cause impairments, infirmities, and disadvantages, to performing activities in society due to the barriers that exist.

What I try to address is this:

Barriers exist not because someone is disabled, but because society as a whole hasn’t figured out how to:

  • Fully accept disabilities as normal and nothing to be ashamed about
  • Fully accommodate all disabilities and invest in the people who have them
  • Incorporate Universal Design so that ALL PEOPLE may participate in ALL ACTIVITIES equally

And those things are important because people who have disabilities are PEOPLE. People who are deserving of being treated with dignity, respect, grace, and equality to be viewed as valued members of society that contribute as equally as anyone else can.

This is a lesson that you’ll learn well when you become disabled through an accident, illness, or age if you’re not presently disabled.🙂


Are you a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

I get all sorts of answers with this question offline, and usually stories to go with it. Hence the poll! I’d love to see your stories along with your answers.

There doesn’t seem to be a true middle ground anywhere for a lot of people. Most people care about their answers, and people who care about the answer are SO! EMPHATIC! AND! PASSIONATE! That’s great, I love passionate. I’m passionate about my animal companions. I love them, so I should be passionate about them and I like to see that same emotion in others.

My answer is complicated. I’ve had hamsters 🐹, and I like hamsters but they’re fragile. I’ve had fish 🐟🐠🐡, but fish don’t cuddle and I always end up killing them in spite of my best efforts.

I’ve always loved cats and took the plunge nine years ago. As a child, I was somewhat allergic but my dad was Seriously Allergic. No cats in the house. I still knew I needed cats in my life. I’m most emphatically a Cat Person. I’ve always taken pride in being a Cat Person. I’ll have cats for the rest of my life. I need them. 🐱

Now that our family has a dog, and I was a willing participant in adding Leo to the family, my answer to “are you a cat person or dog person” is more complicated. I thought that having a dog would teach me that;🐶

  1. I was also a Dog Person
  2. I’d learn some innate truths about dogs that would help ease my anxiety about Other People’s Dogs
  3.  I’d learn to love all dogs equally
  4. Training would get easier as time went by

So far, nope, nope, nope, and nope.

I’m not a Dog Person. I don’t love every dog. That’s what would make me a Dog Person. I haven’t learned any innate truth about dogs except that they can assholes just as much as any cat can, except it’s kind of funny when cats are assholes. I will always have anxiety about Other People’s Dogs. I love MY dog, and dogs that I’m relatively close to who are well behaved.😉 Training is going well, but it’s often slow going and it’s not getting easier. I know he’s essentially a toddler verging on adolescent, and he’s teething, but holy HELL that boy ate the Bible this morning. And he did it because I didn’t give him the attention he wanted when he wanted it because I needed coffee that I never did get to make.

No, as a matter of fact, Leo has NOT learned the benefits of coffee ☕ yet. He knows it smells delicious and he always tries to steal it from me, but he doesn’t understand that my coffee saves his little life every morning. He’s willful with a huge personality and a ton of intelligence, but he hasn’t figured out the coffee thing. The cats figured that out right away, almost as quickly as my children did.

I’m a Cat Person who loves her own dog. There’s no doubt I love him. He’s silly, bright, energetic, happy, healthy, but he’s becoming a teenager at 12 1/2 weeks old.

Now, I enjoy silly puppy videos as much as the next person. I enjoy seeing friends and family share their photos and stories of their dogs. I enjoy learning about my dog’s breed, and a couple of other breeds I’m interested in. I’m developing an interest in learning about the history of dog ownership and training in America. But I’m not at a point yet where I can say that I’m a Dog Person.

My cats are definitely not Dog Cats, but they’re handling him a bit better now. It’s the barking that gets to them. They like to watch him and they’re learning everything they can about him. They’re just waiting for him to grow large enough so that he can’t fit through the dog gate that has a cat door in the bottom.

Here’s the maniac… errr… Leo.

Who did this moments earlier…

Which okay, fine, it’s NAS but still. It’s a Bible. 😋



I’ve been sitting on this because it hurts my heart as the mother of an autistic daughter. It kills me inside. It makes me angry, sad, and wonder at the human race. It also makes me fearful and gives me those damned little worry lines.

I HATE wrinkles.

I hate it when ridiculous situations like this occur for absolutely no good reason. None at all. There’s no winner, especially when there was either improper training, completely inappropriate biases and prejudices, or both.

When One is Autistic and One is Black How Could the Officer NOT Try to Shoot Them?

/end sarcasm


Here’s the gist of it, because I assure you, no laws were broken and no one was disobeying any law enforcement.

An autistic man left the day facility with a toy truck, and decided to play with it sitting in the street. Where else do trucks belong, right? In the street. Logical and linear. The man’s therapist from the facility came out to help him back inside without incident. A seemingly good Samaritan called the police to come help, except it wasn’t just to get a disabled man from being injured.  It was how there was a dangerous disabled man from the facility had a GUN! and please protect the neighborhood. The therapist immediately puts himself flat on his back, hands in the air, and explains to multiple officers the actual situation, front to back. Except Mr. Happy Trigger decides he HAS TO fire his gun and aimed for the autistic person because hey, why not? He was playing with a toy truck in the middle of the street. That’s super dangerous when he’s not paying attention to anything because you know, it MUST be civil disobedience and worthy of being over. He aims his gun at the autistic man, he says, and he fires his gun three (maybe four) times at the autistic man who’s simply sitting there. A sitting target, mind you. He misses the disabled man and hits the black therapist in the leg. Who the hell knows where the other bullets landed.

Read that part again. The officer was actually aiming for the autistic person because he was playing with a toy truck in the middle of the street. And when the autistic person was ordered to get out of the street and was literally unable to comply, and behaved as if he couldn’t understand or hear the commands because he literally couldn’t, he wasn’t committing civil disobedience, he was behaving as a disabled person because he is disabled, Mr. Happy Trigger fired his gun.

At first he told the man he shot that he didn’t know why he fired the gun and shot him. Later he stated that he felt he personally was in mortal danger, and he needed to shoot the autistic person. He felt he had no choice but to defend himself.

He claims.

Yes he claims.

There’s a major problem here.

That officer’s trousers are ablaze, and everyone is choking on the damn smoke because that’s what happens when you speak untruths all over the place.

That police department has some serious issues and they need to decide which end is up because either:

  1. That officer was lying about regarding how he felt his life were in danger from the disabled man, and he fired at him anyway because he’s filth and is a really, really, really bad shot in which case why on God’s green Earth is that man allowed a gun?
  2. That officer was lying about trying to hit the disabled man and was really aiming for the therapist, in which case he was still lying about feeling as if his life were in danger since the therapist was laying on his back prostrate with his arms in the air and hey, he’s STILL a really bad shot
  3. That officer was afraid of a black man laying on his back in the street with his arms up, and an autistic man playing with a truck? A truck he knew wasn’t a gun?


If he was telling the truth… are we really that decayed as a society and still that unevolved that our police forces are AFRAID of disabled people that play with toys in the street? Or was it that the disabled man was autistic? Was that the magic word that made the officer afraid for his life? Autism?

I go there because I HAVE TO GO THERE. I go there because I have disabilities, and I go there because I’m a mother to an incredible autistic daughter. My brain has no choice because I don’t live in some fantasy land.

I know what the world is supposed to be like. I know what the Federal Laws are, and State Laws that supplement them and aren’t allowed to override Federal Laws. I know the fight that continues for Civil and Human Rights for disabled people, and the fight to be recognized as fully human versus being seen as Other and Less. I know the nightmares that people face every day in spite of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title 9. I know that people can’t behave as if those Federal Laws fix everything, and society has fully accepted those laws.

I see people all the time who don’t even know that these laws exist, that give them rights to stand up to their parents and police officers and neighbors and landlords and employers. They don’t know that there are protections in place. They believe they’re really second class citizens because that’s how they grew up. And there are people who treat disabled people that way their entire lives.

There are police departments who train their officers that any appearance of disobedience, ignoring, noncompliance is tantamount to breaking a law and they’re allowed to respond to someone who isn’t even a suspect with force. Lethal force. Except lethal force is not supposed to be the go-to behavior.

I know far too many people who say,

“When the police ask you a question or tell you to do something, you do it. You be respectful. You obey no matter what. You obey anything an officer tells you to do at all times no matter what.”

It’s easy to say that, but it’s not how law enforcement is supposed to work. There’s supposed to be leeway. Compliance is not always an option because it’s not always possible.

There’s supposed to be compassion and understanding in spite of the officer’s past experiences of being an officer that excels in service. Having a previously spotless service record doesn’t absolve a public servant of an abominable act towards a marginalized person.

There are different reasons someone may not respond to an officer; there are different reasons someone may have awkward movements and motions. There are reasons someone may appear drunk and disoriented that have nothing to do with drugs and alcohol. Behaviors that might appear “shady” and facial expressions that might “look guilty” are often misread. There are different reasons that it appears someone isn’t obeying an order.

For people with disabilities these things aren’t a matter of choice. They’re a matter of disability. We can’t just shut off disabilities at inconvenient times, and yes, we’re allowed to leave our homes. After all, we don’t want to be a drain on your tax dollars.

Many people are not in the moment for one reason or other due to their disability. Interactions happen on the street when people think the disabled person is “being strange” and. People are paranoid and intolerant, and assume the worst. People are impatient with differences, physical slowness, and seeming intellectual disability. People don’t take care of others feelings, but expect their own to be catered to constantly and so they think that they’re being victimized by being looked at. Or they just notice weakness and take advantage. They steal more easily from disabled people. They make fun more easily. They get disabled people to do inappropriate things more easily making them think they’re going to be friends. Then, if caught, they blame it on the disabled person who has no idea what just happened. They think a toy truck is a dangerous object.

Someone who has particular physical disabilities could appear drunk even if they don’t have a single medication in their system if they’re made to try to walk a straight line. Or speech difficulties due to speech delays can make it difficult to answer questions quickly, or without slurring, in a manner that’s clear and concise. Compassion for none.

This is the kind of nightmare I have as a mother to an autistic daughter that is often unable to follow directions in the immediacy of giving them, especially if they’re presented in a way she doesn’t understand or by a stranger. She often needs things explained a different way than initially presented, but a lot of people who don’t know her are impatient at first. A police officer certainly would be. They would think she’s being impertinent if she thought to ask, “Could you ask that another way?”

As a young woman with disabilities, it turns out she really has no rights at all when it comes to the immediacy of being face with law enforcement if law enforcement doesn’t realize she’s disabled and they’re not keeping the ADA in mind. Her disabilities won’t be accommodated or even considered. If she can’t speak it won’t matter; her being non-verbal won’t matter a single bit. It will be viewed as noncompliance and therefore a danger to someone’s life. That will be justification enough for her to be cuffed or shot. And it will be her fault, of course, for being autistic and therefore dangerous.

It’s not our fault if we have disabilities; mental health, cognitive, intellectual, physical, TBI, chronic pain, hearing, anything. Anything at all. We can’t put our disabilities away into our purses, or into a drawer when we leave. We’re not being rude or thoughtless when we can’t overcome our disabilities like a rockstar.

We can explain as soon as an officer comes to introduce themselves and ask us our name, and it may not matter if they decide ahead of time that we’ve done something shady. They may have decided that a behavior they witnessed was “off” and needed their intervention, but it was actually due to disability. It could be explained to them but they’ve made up their mind. If a command literally… LITERALLY can’t be performed, it doesn’t matter. You’re DISOBEYING.

Do you know how many disabled people have been beaten and killed by officers because officers believed, and didn’t listen to the victims, that they were being disobeyed intentionally? That the disabled person was really a perp because they weren’t… couldn’t comply? There’s no difference between “won’t” and “can’t” because there isn’t any leeway for it.

There are in fact some police departments that care and are training their officers. It depends on the town and the departments. Some believe that the training and funding are worthless.

They have no idea that disabled people are far, far more likely to be bullied than non-disabled people; to be victims of abuse; to be victims of crime; to be involved in incidents with law enforcement. And when involved with law enforcement, disabled people are far, far, far more like to be victims and not the perpetrators. The reason it’s likely a higher percentage is because of abuse by law enforcement and misjudging situations where they assume that the disabled person is the perp because the real perp is manipulating the situation; and the disabled person is in a far weaker position if they’re being abused or the police are the ones exerting power. I want to say the percentages are in the 75% and 80%’s.

These fears are real. These things happen frequently. Yes, in this day and age in 2016. People are not enlightened, and they most often don’t really care. This is why parents fear for the day they pass away before their children and solid services aren’t in place; this is why parents fear when their governors cut funding to services that they federally don’t have the right to cut; why parents fear when siblings have washed their hands of their disabled brother or sister; or there aren’t any siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins willing to help out.

We fear that we won’t be around if our children become entangled in a situation that involves law enforcement in some way, especially if we have disabilities of our own whether we’re still young or as we age. We fear that our children won’t have an advocate at all; won’t have a good enough advocate; won’t know how to advocate for themselves.

It’s hard to trust a law enforcement system, a justice system, and a social system that repeatedly prove that disabled people are worth less than non-disabled people. When funding is removed forcibly and put into nonessential areas, such as bulking up a state official’s salary, it’s hard to trust.



Victim was therapist attempting to defuse situation with autistic patient.

Source: Black Man Shot By Police While Lying On Ground With Hands Up » Second Nexus



Study Reveals Significant Overlap Between Police Brutality Deaths And Disabilities | ThinkProgress

And insufficient media coverage of these cases isn’t helping.

Source: Study Reveals Significant Overlap Between Police Brutality Deaths And Disabilities | ThinkProgress



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