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We thought the nation had gone round the bend for voting for W.Bush into the Presidency with his bumbling; yet his intelligence, charisma, and ability to unite people was enough to get him reelected.  Of course most people who did reelect him regretted it. We were so certain that our nation was fracturing from the pressure of the issues caused by the military conflicts and domestic political differences that he and VP Cheney were at the heart of.

We fought hard to sort that out; we were still working on sorting it out with President Obama, fighting to overcome global community’s view that we aren’t concerned with:

    1. our leaders being educated or
    2. inherited Eurocentric imperialistic attitude
    3. an inability to self-police human rights violations and war crimes
    4. the rights of all of our citizens
    5. the fact that our politics, attitudes, actions affect not only our nation but globallyPost President Obama, and that list is longer than my left arm. We can thank certain politicians who encouraged the fanatical extremist evangelistic religious right and tea partiers to take up a torch, run for office, and lobby hard. We ended up with men who were willing to allow a criminal onto the GOP ticket, without vetting him, even as he made disqualifying comments about his intentions for the presidency frequently including his intent ignore the U.S. Constitution.

The GOP thought they could puppet this man because their Vice President pick, a thoroughbred tea partier fanatical extremist evangelist on the religious right, a man as corrupt and neck deep in campaign corruption, election corruption, and corruption all throughout the new administration. They were wrong. Instead there was already a hostile foreign puppeteer’s hand up the devil’s arsehol… err… the man they chose had already been corrupted years ago by a hostile foreign nation and been approached in his campaign. There wasn’t room for a second set of hands up there. And then scandal after scandal has ensued.

Scandal is the wrong word. We have to find a different word, because “scandal” minimizes” what this uneducated, un-presidential, divisive, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, sadistic, ableist, chaotic, anti-government, anti-veteran, anti-education, incompetent, weak, unintelligent, boorish, gauche, pro quid-pro quo, unpatriotic, anti-American faux president has been doing to our country.The entire presidency has been an extended exercise in abuse on a massive scale by a man who is being allowed to use more power than he legally is allowed to use for personal gain, for petty revenge, and to aid countries who are not our allies.

I almost…. al.most long for the days of W.B. Then I remember we were lucky enough to have President Obama.

We’re still a young country, but one might still think that by 2020 we’d be much more enlightened than we are now. I mean, we elected a Black American for our President. Twice. With a House and Senate both packed against him he still managed to get a lot of good things done, but was blocked on far more.  He was mistreated beyond belief. Effigies of him were burned in the streets and hung.  We’re still fighting over the rights of marginalized groups of people in this country, and whether their rights infringe upon religious groups and supremacy groups rights to behave in hate speech and hate acts. Obviously, nah.

We’re still fighting over whether people deserve the right to live and expect affordable health care and health care coverage.

It’s become, somehow, a “far left wing liberal agenda” to believe that Human Rights, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights, Disability Rights, etc. et al, are important ideals to not only uphold but to fight for and encourage. That it’s an extreme idea. That these “extreme” ideas, these “extreme left liberal” ideas are something hateful and not a true entitlement. The words Democrat, Liberal, and Left are spat out like they’re epithets or slurs. I mean, sure, there actually is a far left but in the current Democratic Party, the most liberal of them aren’t nearly as liberal as “far left” gets. That’s a whole different post, differentiating aspects of different parties.

It’s a left wing liberal agenda to believe that every United States citizen deserves equal rights to be given a free and equal education. It’s a left wing liberal agenda to believe that people of color in the United States do not deserve to be receive police brutality, and that police reform needs to occur. That’s not a liberal agenda. That’s Human Rights. That’s Civil Rights.

If you poke around the internet, say, Twitter to start, you’ll notice that people dedicated to Trump politics until their dying breath, will hatefully vomit up that “liberalism is a mental illness.” Aside from the obvious issues I would have with that as a disability advocate, this is just one extreme example of the Us vs Them mentality I’ve mentioned in the past. It’s an example of encouraged hatred and division. Every word coming from Trump’s mouth, every single staged photo, every publicly scripted act since the death of George Floyd a little over a week ago has been intentionally divisive, corrosive, and encourages more violence. He’s taken the approach of Him + MAGA & Military Might vs Not Racist Americans.

The message is that those fucking Democratics and god damn fucking nutters who who side with them don’t deserve to be viewed as humans, individuals, sane, to be treated humanely, deserving of living, or hey even health coverage. Simply disagreeing with actions, speech, and particular ideas has become “left wing liberal conspiracy to bring down ‘real American patriots'” and you can guess who the real America patriots are. Not Democratics. Only those people who tow the Trumpian GOP line. If you’re a Republican that doesn’t stand with Trump, he’ll threaten to rip your life to shreds. If you’re serving in Office, he’ll threaten to destroy you. Publicly. With him? There isn’t any room for discussion or real argument.

You may notice I’m differentiating Trumpian GOP from something else. The “something else” would be the Republican Party as it was intended to be, before the Tea Party warped it into something unrecognizable. The other “something else” would of course be the Tea Party who I think also would qualify as “the religious right.”

The Trumpian GOP isn’t truly Republican in any form we’ve ever seen. The Administration as it is now? The GOP Tea Party with Trump sitting in that tea? It isn’t anything I think that GOP TP wanted. Again, this belongs in another post differentiating aspects within each party.

So going the long way round, I come back to this.

It’s worrying when I see and hear people saying that this isn’t the America they know; this isn’t America. I may feel as if I’m waking up in a parallel nightmare universe every single day, but I have no delusions that this isn’t how America really is. The evidence is in front of us in the daily news cycle; we can look back at every daily news cycle for the past 5 years. Racism has always existed in this country. We inherited that as colonists and slave owners. We fought a Civil War over it. We started a Civil Rights Movement over it. It’s always been there. The flames were fanned when we had a Black President because racists, White Supremacists, simply couldn’t handle it. The White Supremacist in the highest office of our land has made it appear more acceptable, since he encourages racism and wants to increase the brutality of our police.

I’d always heard from certain people that race relations were fine, racism wasn’t such a big deal any longer, that POC were just using the Race Card just like disabled people use the Disabled Card, to get a leg up on other people when it’s not deserved. Which is guess means is every time someone notices someone is not white or someone is disabled or they’re part of another protected class that they can’t discriminate against.

He allows his Secretary of Education to break down our education system, just as when she ruined her own state’s education system. I mean, yes he’s breaking down each aspect of the government and social services, entitlements, benefits, etc. He told us that’s what he wanted during the campaign. No one believed him, or it was ignored, but he told us. It’s what he’s been doing. It should has disqualified him.

But hey, for a second, let’s look at history. I’s the dictatorships and medieval kingdoms that preferred keeping their citizenry uneducated.  If they’re uneducated, then an automatic inequality between the gentry and the masses. The People don’t realize there’s a problem because they have no choice but to believe the spoken words and decrees of their leadership. Again,there’s no possibility of equality. Any chance of learning about history, philosophy, maths, sciences, arts, and how to teach others the same with new ideas, how to research, is stifled and again… there’s no chance of equality. What is learned is controlled. How it’s learned is controlled.

The more we, the masses, are educated and encouraged to think things through logically, independently the more we understand when we’re being duped. We recognize propaganda and misinformation more easily.

We know better when our rights are being trampled upon.

We are more likely to use our voices collectively to fight for and demand our rights be recognized because trust me, they won’t be freely given.

Whether we’re women, disabled, a POC especially now when there are peaceful protests; or if we’re part of another marginalized group, we’re more likely to use our voices collectively to fight for those whose voices might not be loud enough, and encourage others to do the same, by showing them they’re not alone.

We’re more likely to demand to be treated equally.

We’re more likely to work in better jobs; we’re less likely to have very large families that would be guaranteed to keep us in poverty.

The more educated, the less poverty. The less poverty, the less control a government has over abusing the people. The governing force is no longer forcing the people to work for it, but now the governing force must drop the farce and work for the people.

The fight is against a reduced, concentrated government; a government-enforced poverty in order to maintain its own dominance and wealth. Some administrations are more guilty of this than others.

So I purged. A lot. I feel better. I may come back and read some of this later and be like, hmmm, let’s edit that. But feelings are feelings. So this might be a good place for me to ta-ta on out. Talk to ya later, loves.

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Backstory, I Hope I Can Keep It Short

I’m likely going to oversimplify things; warning that I’m only providing one article source below, and it’s in reference to my last paragraph. Also to warn you, I’m in MASSIVE pain right now, because it’s raining and all of my meds have completely worn off. Every single one. I’m an hour late and just realized it. Please be gentle in your critique. No, just kidding, discussion is welcome.

A few weeks ago, Trump was puffing his chest like an old gorilla, insulting anyone he could including previous presidents as far back he could pronounce their names.  He was worked up because he needed. a. big. win. and it just had. to. be. North Korea. You probably remember the drama unless you were lucky enough to be stranded on a tropical beach without any wi-fi, data, or cable access to anything for two or three weeks. If you were stranded on a beach, you’re lucky.  There was so much propaganda in both countries, it was sickening. Guess which ones in the U.S. fell for the Trump propaganda and disinformation campaigning? I’m not even talking about anything aside from NK. Did you know the WH even put out a VIDEO touting the awesomeness of NK? It’s like a tourism video, carefully ignoring the fact that the dictator is a murderous serial killer who even had his own brother killed, and imprisons anyone believed to speak out against him? Who will murder entire families for the actions of one citizen that he believes could have betrayed him even in their thoughts? A dictator who is guilty of countless inhumane acts against his own people, is so genocidal, many consider him to be as evil as Hitler. Remember that.

Anyway, the closer we came to the meeting date, day by day, minute by minute, the propaganda, rhetoric and hype were at the point that (some) people believed he was going to NK to save the U.S. and save the entire world from certain, immediate annihilation. Some people here had the audacity to believe Trump was going to save the North Korean people with the fabulous deal he was going to make with their dictator. His personality alone would overpower Kim Jong-un and if not, then his business expertise would do the trick. None of the U.S. leaders for the past 70 years, Trump’s entire lifetime, would be able to live up to what he was about to accomplish. The world was just waiting for him, apparently, and didn’t know it. Oddly enough, Trump wasn’t interested in learning anything about the 70-year history of severe problems that not only the U.S. has had with North Korea, but the world.

Trump started complimenting and praising Kim Jong-un. I just can’t even … even with that one.  You don’t do that.  Don’t compliment a dictator on his leadership skills.  He stopped tough talking and started courting. Remember what I said a couple of paragraphs ago about Kim Jong-un.

Caution and Education Are For Sissies, Apparently

There were a lot of concerns moving forward, though, as you would expect.  There should have been vocal concerns considering the magnitude of the summit.  There are always going to be security concerns when any of our delegates and officials leave the country for something official. Like, say, the G7 Summit. Wait.

There are always red flags to pay attention to, some that even lay people know are serious.

The quotes that were given to the state-run propaganda news outlets in NK by Kim Jong-un weren’t a big enough red flag; they were largely ignored in the U.S.

The warnings from the Intelligence Community that no matter Trump’s stated goals, Kim Jong-un’s goal is to continue developing a nuclear arsenal and to embarrass Trump (among other warnings) weren’t a big enough red flag and also largely ignored in the U.S. This was a moment where you have to say, just like during Trump’s presidential campaign when he told and showed America who he is,

“The man has told you in clear language what he will and won’t do. This is a man who has consistently behaved in an abhorrent manner without plans to change. Believe a man when he tells you and shows you just how much of an asshole he really is.”

It was big news in the U.S. if you were voicing concerns; to be cautious; if you had doubts; if you were suggesting to please study up on the North Korean History, Mr. Trump, just please educate yourself. The fact that such concerns were being minimized and denigrated by the White House was a red flag.

Of course, it was also big news that Trump refused to study up on the past 7 decades of North Korean dictatorship, and ignored that advice from advisers. Red flag? Maybe?

Anyone with any sort of intellect and knowledge about world history and U.S. history would have anxiety, doubt about this summit’s long term and short term results; anyone paying attention to current events would be concerned and doubtful just in a general manner. Anyone with a passing knowledge about Trump and his history of getting along with everyone no matter what it takes, plus his sparkling personality and confidence, would have concerns about the immediate issue of the meeting itself. The fact that nothing changed in Trump’s attitude on this subject was a huge red flag.

Now we segue.  If I don’t I’ll go on a tangent.

I Concede, You Concede, Gentlemen’s Handshake

Trump and Kim Jong-un met, pretended to be brahs, while each also pretended to be the alpha gorilla.  In the end the dictator won.  It was described as an exchange of opinions and how to reach peace between NK and the rest of the peninsula.  Trump committed to “security guarantees” as Kim Jong-un reaffirmed his “firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” I’m noting just how carefully worded that is. Kim Jong-un wants the peninsula denuclearized. It doesn’t state specifically North Korea. Maybe I’m nitpicking but it’s red flaggy to me.

The establishment of new U.S.-DPRK relations will “contribute to the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula” (oh yeah and of the world too, but let’s not specifically state America). Apparently our new relationship alone will be enough to contribute to peace and prosperity.

They recognized that “mutual confidence building” [Okay, wait a minute, when I saw this one I wanted to know: Does that mean ass kissing?] can promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.  Neither of these men are known for doing what anyone else tells them; for upholding promises; for building confidence with others.

President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un talked about releasing POW’s and MIA’s remains to their families. Thumbs up, Big Guy. As with our most recent President, we’re continuing the trend of bringing our people home.

Building a last peace REGIME on the Korean Peninsula. Like the wording on that one? Red flag, maybe? For there to be true peace in Korea, for them to be a United Korea again, I can only imagine that South Korea would insist that a dictatorship would have to be dissolved. I don’t see, especially in wording such as that, that Kim Jong-un intends to release any of his political power or his nuclear power. He holds the cards as long as he holds and can make nuclear weapons.  The world will pay attention to him as long as he holds those cards.

There was nothing resembling a peace treaty that could be worked with,  in depth, to be further fleshed out, endorsed by Congress, and signed.  With no actual peace treaty and nothing for Congress to flesh out, mark up with red pens, approve, and have both nations sign, we have nothing except the fact that these guys sat down and had dinner together.

They outlined, sort of, some loose goals signed by them as an intent to work on the goals; but it’s nothing binding.  Nothing.  If there had been, he’d be complaining about Democratics holding up the process of saving the world.  Instead he just complained that Democratics and haters didn’t want him to save the world and want war and open borders. Distraction at its worst. He’s not even good at it.


Trump essentially came back to the U.S. from the NK Summit with the equivalent of chicken scratch on a bar napkin.  He managed to convince his base that it was binding and wow! a peace treaty! and he managed to do something unprecedented never ever before accomplished by any U.S. leader ever.  Obviously anyone who has a passing relationship with reading American History or Google knows that particular claim is a lie.

I’m not going to lie: sitting in a meeting face to face with Kim Jong Un, a ruthless, vicious, mass murdering, genocidal dictator takes a serious game face. It is an accomplishment, especially considering this dictator is considered to have been (until recently) reclusive. The problem is that because Trump wanted to teach this punk a lesson, one thug to another thug, and he legitimized Kim.  I really do wish he had intimidated Kim Jong-un into submission.  That would have been a great accomplishment.

But there’s history to consider, hence the mother hen worrying and caution:  Kim Jong-un recently fucking over South Korea and China weren’t big enough red flags, I guess.  The thing is, I never want to be right when I have this kind of anxiety.  I really don’t want our government to fail.  I don’t.

Then this happens.

Plot Twist. 

I wonder if sprucing up their nuclear facilities to be more productive for, oh, I don’t know, producing nuclear weapons will be a big enough red flag that the summit itself was a failure.  Because lookie what I found:


Satellite images from last week show that North Korea is making numerous improvements to the infrastructure at a nuclear research facility, according to a new study.

Article by Avery Anapol; 6/26/2018; Source: Satellite images show North Korea upgrading nuclear research facility: report | TheHill

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Equality. When women and other protected classes fight for equal rights to be recognized legally and for discriminatory practices to be made illegal, we are not infringing on the rights of others.

We are not diminishing the value or equality of others.

We are maintaining that others hold no superiority over us.

We are asserting our rights to make choices for ourselves in all things, as intelligent, empowered, sentient, educated people.

We are advocating for those who may not have as big of a voice as we do, who may not have as much education, but still deserve all of the protections and rights as we do.

We may make mistakes along the way, as all movements do, but we have momentum and we have justice on our side.

I get to parent three incredible daughters. My daughters and I have conversations about important things. I teach them by example. My hope is to raise them into strong, caring, loving, and generous women with high self-esteem and a good education.

I want them to be confident in their talents. I want them to continue to be self-advocates and to advocate for others. I want them to continue to choose good, supportive, and positive people to help raise them up. I want them to continue to value their family and friends. I want them to know that they have choices, and they have these choices at any stage in their adult live; that it’s never too late to create a dream and work towards it. 

Being a feminist means recognizing that the world is open to us with unlimited choices, and moving forward to remove boundaries in society.

It’s a daily fight in legislature, a daily prayer, daily action, and daily modeling of behavior.

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Dear Kathy Griffin,

I hope today finds you, well, I hope it finds you well. I’m assuming that today, likely now to be known as Two Days After That Execution Video & Photo Shoot, you’re having some internal dialogue as you and your publicist continue with damage control. I’m not going to assume too much about your state of mind prior to that stunt; I’m not going to assume too much about your current state of mind either.  

I’m not interested in being part of your character assassination. I’m not going to flame you or try to hurt your feelings. My intent here is to try to bring you back down to Earth where the little people are. I’ve peripherally noticed your career, since I’m not a fan of your brand of comedy.  I do appreciate your activism and find your serious acting roles interesting.

So when Wednesday I only peripherally noticed your name in one or two vague Facebook statuses late in the evening, I assumed that you had simply pushed a sensitive political button for Republicans. I went to bed blissfully unaware. I had a nice balance of polite dislike-sometimes-like and respect.

Thursday morning (yesterday), the morning news and radio were kind enough to share all of the gory details of the “Execution Video” showing you holding the decapitated head of Donald Trump. They shared your interview about the video you made with Tyler Shields behind the camera. I saw the video with the blurred out “head.” Thanks to the internet, later on, I saw the more graphic images ie. no blurring. It drove the point home that the intended “joke” and the edginess, provocativeness of the juxtaposition between yourself and Trump and an ISIS terrorist and a hostage. They talked about your apologies, and mentioned how they’re not being accepted by organizations such a the VFW. They talked about CNN canceling your future job engagements with them.

It took a me a whole day to process what I had seen and heard. I’m appalled and disappointed. I’m sure you wish you had thought things through and considered that the only approving audience might actually be ISIS. I’m writing this because I’m not entirely sure that you understand why your apologies haven’t been accepted, and why many people won’t forgive you for a long time, if ever. Just think about the Dixie Chicks.

You’ve owned that what happened was wrong, yes. You say that you know it was wrong and won’t do it again. The tricky part here is that people aren’t convinced that you know why it wrong. I don’t think people are convinced that you know why people of all political persuasions and regardless of their opinions on Mr. Trump are as equally appalled. 

We’re already in a very precarious political situation. I know that I’m not saying anything new. It’s not a secret or anything even profound. It’s well known as a fact that it’s been a nonstop fiasco since this dumpster fire of a president announced his intent to campaign. I share the embarrassment over the fact that this man is sitting in the Oval Office. I share in the feeling of moral disgust and automatically-triggered rage and anxiety by simply looking at that man’s face.

We all want to have the balance of power restored. We all want to feel empowered in our lives, and to help others find that which makes them feel empowered.

This video didn’t come from a place of power or empowerment, and it doesn’t evoke those feelings in most Americans. There’s a shared shock, mortification, disgust, and genuine outrage across all party lines, and it’s one of the few things uniting those who support Trump and those who vehemently oppose him .

It doesn’t matter that he’s the most hated president in our history; that he’s made history by having the lowest approval ratings not only in his first 100 days, but of any president; He may be the biggest embarrassment in the international stage of leaders; He may be the most corrupt not-politician that ever politicked and the most corrupt individual to ever sit in that chair in the Oval Office; but none of that matters.

The problem is that what you decapitated wasn’t really Donald Trump. You didn’t figuratively cut off the head of the snake and speak out against his policies, ethics, morals, authority, or even his goings on in his personal life. Take Trump out of it. The decapitated head you held was not viewed as a symbol of removing Trump and his power and control. Those of us who are appalled could look at that head and blur out the features, and in our minds imagine any President in its face. We can imagine every President, past and future, in its place.

Because it’s not the current president whose head you decapitated.

It was the very notion of The President of the United States that you decapitated. You decapitated the very rich, full history, the respect, and honor of the Office of the President, and every other office. You decapitated the American People in a manner that was visually and morally repugnant; in a manner that was hateful, chilling, threatening, and violent. You decapitated the privilege, power, influence, giving the incredible potential and opportunity to do GOOD in that office, which is our right as The People under the Constitution.

We have problems in our nation, no doubt. That’s not news. Our country shares many of the same social issues and political issues as other countries. There’s corruption, racism, classism, ableism, and every anti-something you can think of. We have people that are anarchists and hate the government and authority. We have things to be embarrassed about and to apologize over.

But we are also a nation of advocates, allies, lobbyists, writers, artists, journalists, actors, parents, self-advocates, people that care and can make noise when our elected officials do and say things we dislike. We can speak out with our votes; writing letters; attending peaceful, non-violent protests; making phone calls; and anything else that’s protected by the Constitution regarding free speech. We want our messages to come from a true place of power, empowerment, peace, dedication, passion, advocacy, activism, patriotism, and non-violence as is our Constitutional right. This is what we take pride in, and what retains and maintains our Freedoms and our Civil Rights.

This is what Americans do.. we advocate, not decapitate.

I know it’s unlikely that you’ll stumble upon this entry, but if you do read it Ms. Griffin, I hope you read it with an open mind.




After The Press  Conference

EDITED TO ADD because I listened to that disaster of a news conference:

Back up the truck.

Kathy Griffin, you made a horrible mistake holding this press conference today. Justifying your actions and going on the attack and listing all of the horrible, disgusting things Trump has said and done as your excuse simply proves that you don’t understand why what you did was wrong. I’m no fan of Trump. I’m no supporter of the suppression of women’s rights. That doesn’t mean I can’t be appalled at that press conference.

It’s not appropriate to tell people to stop being angry because your feelings are hurt that no one “got” your joke and no one appreciated the art.

It’s not appropriate to accuse people of trying to suppress your right to free speech or violate your 1st Amendment Rights. You took offensive photos, and people are reacting. The nation is reacting. You say you don’t have a network behind you, you’re losing jobs. That’s not silencing you. It’s a business decision for them. It’s a consequence for you. People, men and women, have been fired for far, far less than what you did.

You have the right to free speech as long as it’s not hate speech; incites violence; can be considered a death threat or threat of violence upon someone else especially the president. You forget that people have a right to react to your free speech and what you believe is art.

I’m disappointed that you turned this into an equal rights issue for women. It would have been just as horrifying coming from a male comedian. It would have been considered just as inappropriate. This is what rich old white men say when they accuse us of “playing the woman card.” Turning on the tears and pointing out how you’re such a small frail woman doesn’t do any favors for you or for women. Your behavior in that news conference perpetuated every negative female stereotype, and as much as you want to claim Girl Power and pretend that this is about you being a woman, and there are some big bad good ole’ boy men silencing you poor little tiny female, you stomped feminism under your precious little feet.

There’s this thing where you tell a joke, and people laugh, and you know it’s funny. There’s this other thing where you tell a joke and no one laughs and you know it’s not funny. Then there’s this final thing when you tell what you think is a joke and literally everyone is angry and appropriately outraged, and you have to accept that maybe the problem isn’t everyone else.

Chastising others wasn’t the way to go. Humility was. Laying low and refraining from having a press conference where you said all of these things that you should have kept to yourself until you gained more perspective was the way to go.

You’ve only made it worse.

People don’t tolerate sorry-not-sorry nonpologies.

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