Trigger warning for abuse; trigger warning for abuse of disabled individual.

Every morning as I get ready for work, I put our local news on the TV. It helps me keep track of time as I also get the girls up for school. I know that there’s always the likelihood that I’ll hear a story that’ll turn my stomach and make me wish I hadn’t turned on the TV. Most of the time, I can get through the local negative news without getting upset. It’s the national news that tends to upset me more lately. Not so this morning.

In Connecticut’s capitol city, a woman was arrested on a felony account of “cruelty to persons” charges after her 17 year old son died from severe malnutrition and indications of abuse. He was autistic. The case is being investigated as a homicide. The office of the chief medical examiner reported Matthew Tirado’s “suspicious condition” to police; he was 5 feet 9 inches tall and only 88 pounds. There were indications of abuse such as lacerations, broken bones, and bruises on his arms, face, and chest; they describe his body as emaciated and skeletal. The woman reported as his mother, Katiria Tirado, only called 911 when he was vomiting. He died on Tuesday morning past.

This young man is going to need justice. If Katiria Tirado dares to use his disability as an excuse especially when there’s a healthy 9 year old girl in the house, I hope that the Federal Court system sees through her. There’s no acceptable reason or excuse in what happened to Matthew. I don’t care if he would only eat McDonald’s fries, smooth fruit yogurt, and banana bread; I don’t care if had challenging allergies and self-restrictions with food. There’s always a way.

It’s a mother’s job to find a way. It’s a mother’s job to DON’T ABUSE and DON’T MURDER your children even when, especially when those children are disabled.

When a couple chooses to have children they choose to take on everything that means. There’s an implicit understanding that disabilities could be involved and thus there’s an implicit understanding that as parents, YOU’RE SIGNING ON FOR CARING AND LOVING FOR one or more children that may have disabilities and challenges that you may or may not have expected. You make a promise when you choose to be a parent, and that promise is that you won’t abuse or murder your children. You promise to always do your best to provide for your children.

The children in this home had a roof. But only one was well-nutritioned.

I’m sure at some point someone will tell me it’s not my place to judge this mother; that there were possibly or likely circumstances I haven’t considered; that I haven’t walked in this mother’s shoes; that I don’t understand disabilities and how they can affect a mother or a family especially Autism; that I need to put myself in that mother’s shoes; that you can see yourself in her position.

To those of you who don’t know me because you don’t know this blog, and you think those statements will fly here or anywhere else:

Those comments make you a murder apologist. If you wouldn’t excuse the murder of a non-disabled person, then don’t excuse the murder of a disabled person especially if that murderer is the parent. I don’t accept anyone identifying with the side of the murderer and abuser of disabled people. I don’t tolerate it.

If you don’t know me or this blog, you ought to know that I’m a disabled woman. I have a teenage daughter that’s autistic. I have another teenage daughter with severe ADHD and ODD. I know what it means to have to cope with challenges, and to have my family cope with my disabilities in turn. But disabled or not, with disabled children or not, I wouldn’t accept what’s happened to Matthew Tirado. And you shouldn’t either.

If I seem a bit impassioned here, it’s because I’m feeling emotional. I can’t seem to calm down. I wish there had been an advocate for Matthew. As the investigation goes on, I’ll be following closely. I realize that I AM making some assumptions here, but I haven’t voiced the great majority of them. I just know that a grave injustice occurred and I’m sad and angry and grieving.


#MatthewTirado #Justice4MatthewTirado

I took a fall while walking the dog shortly before Christmas. We had some snow, and then of course some ice that packed the snow. It stuck around for several days and during that time I walked the dog on a nice-ish morning before work, and before the last kiddo was awaiting her pick-up. I was picking up the dog’s business and all 55-60 lbs of him noticed a neighborhood lady friend coming towards us on her morning walk. I didn’t feel the tension in the leash change because it was a retractable leash.

While I was tying off the bag of his business, he yanked me over the entirety of a sidewalk AND grass embankment that was covered in snowpack trying to get to this nice lady. I launched through the air, nearly landing my chin on the curb side. I landed flat on my gut and hips, gripping the handle of the leash as hard as possible, trying to pull my arms inward but with him pulling as hard as possible. The wind was knocked out of me, and it was slippery and snowy so I had incredible difficulty standing up. As I looked to my right, I could see my daughter’s ride in the driveway three or four doors away. It felt like a mile or more and I couldn’t get up. Then I saw the lady my dog saw coming closer, trying to help me get the dog calmed down. Luckily she didn’t have her dog with her.

I was incredibly embarrassed, not because of the fall or launching through the air, because my dog is a strong ass puppy, but because my damn body wouldn’t allow me to get up. It felt like I was moving through unmelted butter. Once I did get up, it was agony walking home but I couldn’t stop. The ride couldn’t, or at least wasn’t supposed to leave before I got there.

It was less humiliating, this experience, and more of a humbling experience. It made me realize just how important it is to make sure that every single member of the family maintains command training with Leo every single day at all times. If any of us are lazy in the continued training and maintaining, he won’t obey when it’s important. He didn’t obey me once I was down for the count. He didn’t obey me well once I was up and trying to get him back home; he didn’t obey well when I needed to be able to physically control him the most and couldn’t. He didn’t obey when I needed to get him into the crate so that I could check myself for injury that might need immediate attention. It was a nightmare.

I had a come-to-Jesus with the family later that day once we were all home.

I should have gone to the emergency room that morning, right away, but I didn’t. Next time I fall, I will. And I’ll explain why in a minute.

I went to work instead. I checked myself, but there weren’t any immediate bruises. I was out of breath, and waited to see if that went away. I was able to move my arms and legs, and my neck. My hips were a little sore but I figured that was just a jolt to my arthritis. I didn’t even think about my fall history and how I break bones easily. It just never crossed my mind. I just knew I had to get to work to cover the phones. It was my coworkers who asked why I didn’t go to the ER.

It wasn’t until I got home later and then rested, especially in the evening, that I started to feel the bruising. Every day since the pain in my hips, primarily the left one, is getting worse. The pain in my lower back where the bulging discs are is worse. My sciatic is worse off than it was. I mentioned the fall to my pain management slash back specialist, and we discussed the ER thing; she said to keep an eye on it and she gave me my injections so I could get through Christmas.

At my two week or three week check up, the hip pain was worse. I’ve been procrastinating, but I have the orders to get the X-Rays to check my  hips for fracture and to check the lumbar spine again. I’m starting aquatherapy next week. I’m nervous about what the X-Ray will find, but cross my fingers that it’s nothing but a serious bruising. I don’t know what I’ll do if there’s a fracture. I can’t think beyond. I just know that my left hip causes agony at times, and it’s tender to the bone. Something has to change.

Now, the dog’s training has been reinforced. All I have to do to get him into his crate is talk to myself about the crate and move his water into it. It helps if I pull a treat out of my pocket. He then gets in without a command. I thank him with the treat. He seems to want to have commands again on walks, and receive the praise reinforcement and occasional treats for obeying, so that’s excellent. It just has to remain consistent. That’s so important. If you have a dog, and are disabled, or hey even if you’re not there’s a chance that you or a family member could be in the future it’s so important to maintain training for your dog and to be consistent. Take some classes as a family. The training is for YOU as much as the dog.

And if you fall, and there’s even a chance of a fracture; especially if the pain persists then go to the ER. Get X-Rays done. It’s not a waste if they say you’re fine. You may still need PT or OT. These things are important. Please.

Good morning, Loves. We’ve had a lot of snow over the past week here in Connecticut between last Thursday and Monday or so. My office was closed based on snow days for the city that we’re based in. That was nice. Over the weekend we had snow, which saved my kids some snow days from school. I wish that snow days meant what they did when I was a kid, though.

I’ve had one of the worst flares of pain in my life, and that’s with some of the strongest and best pain management that I’ve had so far. I was bedridden, and thankful that we bought a new mattress over the summer. I wasn’t able to rest more than dozing, even at night. I had to take an actual sick day yesterday, after snow days Thursday, Friday, and Monday, because of a high fever and a stomach bug. THAT is when I finally managed to sleep all day and then all night last night.

Today I feel somewhat rested. I could sleep another day but I also feel as if I could manage working, and so in a few minutes I’m leaving. I really just wanted to leave an update. 🙂

Here’s another update: I’m taking the plunge. I’m literally taking the plunge. Next week I’ll be starting aqua-therapy for the pain in my hips back, and anywhere else. I had the intake appointment last week. Now I need to follow through with getting X-Rays on my hips and lumbar spine to see if the dog managed to fracture my left hip bone and worsen the bulging discs when he launched me in the air like Supergirl back in December. Now I’m not sure if I told that story, so I’ll go back and check. I may have been distracted by my election rage, ha ha.

And it looks like it’s time for me to head to work. Ta, loves. I’ve missed you.

I’d like to clarify something that most writers are missing right now: in order to grab headlines, they’re losing readers interest from even glancing at their very valid points by turning the Civil Rights issues this nation is dealing with into a Liberal and Conservative war. These protests are not Democrats and liberal voters versus Republican and conservative voters (and yes, let’s please assume all other American voters are included in here in the spectrum, okay?).

This is about a majority of Americans who:

  • recognized from the very beginning how dangerous Trump’s vision for a “great” America is
  • recognized almost too late how dangerous he is
  • recognized after they voted for him how dangerous he is

and they’re identifying early on that yes, Mr. Trump is doing everything he can to negatively affect Human Rights and Civil Rights in this country and around the world. They’re speaking out immediately, visibly, and with just cause. They’re showing that even if our votes didn’t count, thanks to GOP and Russian vote tampering and election tampering, our voices count for something now and won’t be turned away.

This country is unifying, even against those who are still whimpering and whining over wondering why all of those millions of marching losers don’t seem to understand that “their” candidate lost and why they just don’t accept it and get over it. That number of whimpering whiners is dwindling.

The reason is because unifying against Trump is a non-partisan issue for the American people. That’s the reason these marches are working. It’s the reason Republican leaders are listening. Their constituents, especially their Republican voters, are marching and writing to them in tandem. They have a reason to pay attention, especially considering many of them are coming up for re-election in only two years.

Now… when it comes to the nominations Trump is putting forth and confirming them, it’s partly partisan, but mostly bigotry and anti-science plus some KKK white supremacy thrown in, but there are Republican officials speaking out more and voting against the nominations. This is important. It means that we’re being heard. It means that maybe they’re afraid of losing votes, sure, but some of them really do see that these are Constitutional issues. Most of the nominations are getting in, but we can hope that the Senate keeps out the rest.

It’s definitely changing regarding the ever-increasingly unstable, unvetted, illegal, unconstitutional, un-American “executive orders.” For the record here, I didn’t like everything President Obama did with his EO’s, but I never once believed he did anything illegal, unconstitutional, or un-American. I believed him to occasionally be misguided and that he needed to be more bi-partisan (or rather non-partisan), as the job of President is no longer partisan. No president is perfect.

Back to the marches.

The marches are non-partisan. These marches are unifying our nation, not splitting it, in spite of the efforts of Mr. Trump and his team of spinners to convince the nation otherwise. His support is dwindling except in the echo chambers of die-hard fans, where they have self-built self-sustaining walls created with years of willful self-denial. No other president in history had, within a week of inauguration, a 51% disapproval rating… the highest disapproval rating for any sitting president.

Anyway, to suggest that the protests are “liberal protests” is divisive. We’re all involved from every party because we’re all invested… at least those of us who voted. I’m still hearing people say,

“He’s not my president. I don’t really care what’s happening. I didn’t even vote. I just have to wait out all of this craziness from all sides for four more years and then everyone will vote for sanity in a third party.”

Yeah… no.

And of course I’ve heard,

“He’s not my fault. I voted Democrat/Third Party. He’s not my president.”

Yeah… no. We kind of did this, granted with the help of Russia and Trump’s team being complicity in all of it. Plus the gerrymandering of the GOP with election sites, and other forms of trying to defraud people out of their right to vote. Oh yes, and in addition to fixing machines in favor of the GOP. Yeah. That’s the kind of president we have. A criminal, a cheater, and a traitor.

During W.Bush’s second term, I was really upset that he was elected that second time. Not nearly as upset as Trump being “elected” because at least W.Bush was actually elected, and I wasn’t livid. I wasn’t depressed or anxious. I got over it, for the most part, in spite of having fits of anger on occasion for the occasional jackass things he did and said. I was pissed about the warmongering of VP Dick Cheney. Even then, W was still my President. He wasn’t a traitor, at least.

Trump… he may be our president, but he didn’t earn it. He didn’t win it. He’s certainly failing at the job and it hasn’t been a month. We’re practically at war with every nation he’s interacted with except for Russia. I mean, for fuck’s sake, Mexico, China, Yemen, and Australia are ready to bomb the shit out of us. Fucking Australia, people. We’re like, BFF’s with Australia and England and here we are, on the outs with Australia. Who’s next, Canada?

Marching in resistance to Donald Trump physically and verbally is about as American and Patriotic as it gets. It’s standing up for ethical and moral values of the highest standard, including Christian values, morals, and ethics. I thought it was kind of ridiculous when people marched against Obama, but that was their right. It WASN’T their right to burn him in effigy. That was just disgusting. Notice, though, no one is burning Trump in effigy. That’s what peaceful protest is all about.

I can assure you, the state of Resistance has nothing to do with crybabies being poor losers that their candidate didn’t win. If that’s what you think this boils down to, then it’s time to start paying attention. It’s time to re-evaluate your ethics and values. If it turns out that the reasons for the marches offend you, then it’s because you’re on the wrong side of history. You’re on the wrong side of patriotism, what it means to be American, and yes, what it means to be Christian and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

It has everything to do with losing Constitutionally ensured rights; losing rights that are Federally protected. Rights of those who are discriminated against, and need the protection of law in the Constitution. It has to do with the fact that our new pseudo-president is trying to write executive orders, orders that he hasn’t thoroughly vetted or researched or even consulted with the proper specialists and heads of departments over, that would violate the Constitution in order to revoke Civil Rights, health rights, Human Rights, education rights, Disability Rights, Women’s Rights, Veteran’s Rights, Elder Rights, and more.

People who are opposed to these marches, who are offended by them, don’t realize that these marches are for their benefit. They only see that “their” candidate is being “attacked” and still, the tired old,

“What a bunch of losers, just get over it already. Move on.”

and the ever lovely,

“Obama wiped his ass with the Constitution every day.”

Of course what they really  mean by that little gem is that President Obama clarified people’s rights and made certain that people’s rights were protected under the Constitution. When that happens, it’s a good thing for everyone. It’s unlawful actions that try to revoke rights.

It’s incredibly difficult to obtain rights. They must be fought for with sweat, blood, and tears by those whose rights aren’t recognized. It takes more than decades of literal fighting and fighting in the courts… it takes centuries. Actual, literal centuries. And when those rights are finally recognized and then protected in our Constitution, we have this deranged faux president with absolutely no morals or ethics, who has stated that they simply get in the way of what he wants, who thinks he can write executive orders to take away anyone’s rights that he pleases. He thinks he can simply dismantle whatever he wants, and everyone will be pleased as punch.

When that’s not the case, he attempts media blackout. He gaslights the media and credible journalists. He tries to discredit every single well respected individual that speaks out against him so that his fans call them traitors.

Traitors. Which is funny, since he’s the one who committed and is committing treason. That alone is a Federal offense. But hey, we’re living in an alternate universe this year.

“Speaking out against criticism of the President is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” Theodore Roosevelt


Which is why it’s so damned funny to me that people are offended on Trump’s behalf that men and women are marching against Trump. It’s funny that his voters fell for so much of his obvious lies and ignored his crimes. He proved throughout his entire campaign just how incompetent he was. Daily. He proved it even more AFTER HE WAS ELECTED, and it worsened day by day the closer we got to that farce of an inauguration. Since the election, many many many of his voters are regretting what they did to this country, their contribution to the damage… but there are too many who are still willingly stuffing their mouths with sawdust flavored with arsenic, and calling it Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.

The traitors are those who still defend this deranged traitor that calls himself president. So no, I’m still not over it.

Otherwise, great opinion piece below.


Source: Think the liberal protests are big? Just wait. Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus noted Sunday that the huge protests at some of the nation’s airports over the weekend were out of proportion to the practical effect of President Donald Trump‘s executive order on immigration.

“The fact of the matter is 325,000 people from foreign countries came into the United States” on Saturday, Priebus told NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd. “And 109 people were detained for further questioning.”

That number grew slightly by the end of the day, but reflected a general truth that ought to be sobering for the administration — the vast majority of protesters didn’t know the detainees and didn’t have friends or family connected to one of the seven predominantly Muslim nations targeted in the crackdown on immigrants and refugees.

They descended by the thousands on international terminals coast to coast mostly to raise alarm on behalf of strangers and to object to the abdication of key American values that a ban on refugees represents.

Similarly, none of the millions who marched and rallied for women’s rights the previous weekend had yet lost anything or suffered a single deprivation on account of Trump. How could they have? He’d been president for only one day.

In other words, most of the anti-Trump protests so far have been over symbolism and omens.

So just imagine what’s going to happen if or when the largely hypothetical becomes real and the abstract becomes personal.

•If or when the numbers of people turned away from our borders, detained or deported grows from the hundreds into the tens of thousands.

•If or when millions of people lose their health insurance policies after Obamacare is repealed.

•If or when Roe v. Wade is overturned and states begin outlawing abortion.

•If or when we begin to go backward on LGBTQ rights and anti-gay discrimination is enshrined as a religious right.

•If or when prices or taxes rise to pay for an unnecessary border wall between the U.S. and Mexico and for Trump’s misbegotten trade wars.

•If or when public education begins to disappear in major urban centers.

•If or when strict voter-ID laws, with their racially discriminatory effects, sweep the red states.

If any of the above hypotheticals become reality, these recent protests will seem quaint in comparison.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this the Liberal Spring, but make no mistake: After eight, sleepy, nearly torpid years of hoping that President Barack Obama and his wealthiest supporters would protect their interests, members of the left — progressives, Democrats — have awakened with a roar.

Critics complained that the Women’s March on Washington was incoherent and diffuse, an airing of various concerns without an identifiable set of demands. Actually, though, the message of those rallies was quite clear: We’re not cowering in the face of the Trump agenda. We’re determined, we’re energized and when Trump crosses the line, we’ll be right back out here with demonstrations that’ll make those tea party rallies of 2010 look like Tuesday morning gatherings at the dog park.

Don’t miss the idealism. Many of the marchers, like many of the airport protesters, don’t feel directly threatened by Trumpism. They’re straight, white people of some means who have decent health insurance and probably won’t be alive long enough to be mortally sickened by the poisonous air and water in a deregulated America.

These protesters organized, made signs, traveled and took time out of their lives to make a show of their beliefs on behalf of others now that they’ve been poked by Trump’s statements and his early moves in the White House.

After ineptly playing defense and squabbling internally during Obama’s two terms, the left is back on offense, angry and activated.

The evidence is not just in the crowds and first-time protesters. The American Civil Liberties Union reported taking in $24.2 million in online donations over the weekend, more than six times the total of online donations the organization usually gets in an entire year!

And the real action, the real outrages, haven’t even really started.

Trump likes to talk about leading a “movement” because he galvanized just enough disillusioned, credulous voters to eke out a victory in the Electoral College over an opponent nearly as unpopular as he is.

But he’s about to see what a real movement looks like.


I’m curious on what you think about this, because this happened. I have to say that for once, I’m in line with the GOP vote. I know, right?!?!?

I’m copying and pasting my response from a friend’s thread to this on FB, but please be sure to read the article, and if you like any follow up articles on this:

The disability advocate in me is anxious and really dislikes requirements like this one. I say this as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment who also supports reasonable gun control laws, and as a Democrat.

Requiring the SSA to send records of people with mental illness to the FBI is extremely discriminatory. Anyway, knowing who is receiving SSDI (Social Security Disability Income), which is basically what this will require, is a violation of medical privacy laws. Or, as in the article:

“This is a slap in the face for those in the disabled community because it paints all those who suffer from mental disorders with the same broad brush … It assumes that simply because an individual suffers from a mental condition, that individual is unfit to exercise his or her Second Amendment rights.” said Republican House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

I rarely agree with any Republicans these days, but he hit the nail on the head with that one. It sets a precedent for some committee to have the power to decide which mental illnesses, which disabilities, should be red flagged and what determines “severe.” It has the power to reinforce negative and incorrect stereotypes that the Disability Community has been fighting for decades to end. The Independent Living Movement is already being set back by the moves to repeal the protections in the ACA (Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act), and those who want to repeal the protections of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and IDEA (Disability Education Act, I forget the full name of it right now, sorry).

[End my comment from the FB thread]

So that really sums up most of my thoughts on it for now. I could really go on all day about it, but I’ll keep it to that. I’m interested in your thoughts.



On Thursday the GOP-controlled House voted to overturn an Obama administration rule designed to keep firearms out of the hands of some people deemed mentally ill.

Source: House Votes To Overturn Obama Rule Restricting Gun Sales To the Severely Mentally Ill : NPR

It’s been brought to my attention, by me, that I ought to say something positive about this inauguration.

Both First Ladies, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump, were stunning today. They held themselves with grace fitting in their positions, and looked equally beautiful. Neither outshined the other.

President Obama held himself with pride, dignity, and didn’t try to steal the spotlight. He showed some humor and charm, as he always has, throughout his Presidency. He will be greatly missed.

Secretary Hillary R. Clinton looked lovely and with good humor.

Jackie Evancho sang beautifully, as always.

I remembered to put my fuzzy slippers on today at work, because my feet have been in so much pain, and sometimes I forget.

I had a ton of coffee today, and it put me in a far greater mood than I might have been otherwise.

I made some totally awesome chocolate chip muffins this morning.

I woke up more appreciative of my husband and children than ever before.

My dog was super obedient this morning. Reinforcing his training seems to be working. He’s very food motivated, though, so holy crap the treats are breaking the bank. I’d better learn how to make them.

It’s Friday. Which  means tomorrow is Saturday and I get to sleep in.

I got my hair done yesterday, a month late, but that means that this morning my hair almost cooperated. You know how it is after a brand new cut… you have to learn it… but no split ends, no frizzies, no flyaways, no static electricity! Not my usual hairdresser, but I couldn’t wait 2 weeks, and maybe a little shorter than I wanted, but I love the cut anyway.

The cut on my finger seems to be healing.

My daughter’s birthday gifts should be arriving today and tomorrow.

Pain meds. 

Enough said. For now. 



It’s Inauguration Day 2017 in America. What’s the appropriate way to react, or how to feel when you’re not among those who voted for someone … well… for Trump?

It’s still not to simply accept it. It’s not to just move on. It’s time to defy all that Trump and Pence stand for.

Acceptance and moving on can never occur when Inauguration Day is placing a criminal and traitor as a dictator into the place of President. Someone who doesn’t value all lives equally; who doesn’t value anyone except himself.

The appropriate response is, I’m finding, to pray.

The inauguration is occurring right now.

And so I’m praying for my fellow Americans. I’m praying for my fellow Americans who did not vote for this unpresidential domestic threat nor the Russian threat that this criminal has invited into our nation.

I’m praying for all Americans that Trump doesn’t value. As he listens to Senator Schumer discuss America’s great values, Trump sits there with a frown, rocking back and forth, and instead of sitting up straight with rapt attention, he slouches and looks around behind him, shaking his head.

I’m praying as I discover that police are using pepper spray at peaceful protest marches.

I’m praying as Pence dares to stand up there and take the oath of Vice President to protect this country, even as he’s been leading the charge to dismantle human rights and civil rights in his very own country in the past weeks.

I’m praying as Trump has the utter gall to take an oath he’s never had the intention of keeping, as his entire campaign was about destroying the Constitution… his cavalier words that the Constitution means nothing to him during his campaign. His only allegiance to any country, to any god, is to his Trump Tower, himself, and money. I will not stand. I will not honor him. I will not accept.

I’m praying, because there’s no way possible that this is God’s will as so many dare to claim. This was the doing of GOP fraud, Russia, and Trump. I’m praying because to celebrate this farce would be to become an unpatriotic traitor to America.

This is a tragic, sad day. His words have no meaning. His oath has no meaning. He lies even as he gives his dictatorial acceptance speech. Even as his tiny baby hands look even more tiny and pudgy than usual, and his usual healthy day-glo orange is muddier than usual.

He dared stand up there and said, “Make America great again.” A nation that has always, always been great and now has a real stain against it. An unpatriotic criminal and traitor is now our fake President.

Only America and her most fragile citizens, her citizens that must be protected by Federal Laws must be prayed for. Those who are discriminated against regularly for their sex, gender, religion or lack of religion, their low income, their ethnicity, race, color, national original, disability, age, pregnancy, and even genetic information or political party.

I pray.

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