We all have rainy days, right? Sometimes those rainy days last a long time. We’ve been dealing with some rainy days since I had to stop working a year ago, as we expected. We had hoped that by now my SSDI would’ve kicked in.

There were some issues on my end and with losing a doctor last year that made it so that when I received a denial, I couldn’t simply appeal. I had made a mistake in paperwork that I couldn’t fix in the necessary timeframe. The added nuisance of having a doctor leave the practice made things worse, especially since there wasn’t another doctor subbing part time until the new one took over.

I had to wait it out until I knew I had at least one appointment with the new doctor; I had to have all of my paperwork, documents, records, etc. in order. I had to make certain that all of my doctors had things in order and would agree to comply with my wishes to turn over files and speak to SSDI.

I applied this past March. I knew I was missing a couple of things, but the application online wouldn’t allow me to go back and fix certain things the way it had in the past. That’s all right. I knew that if I received a denial letter then I would just provide the documents necessary and I’d finally get the benefits. Right?

No. I had everything in order, the denial letter stated. The problem? I didn’t have enough work credits?

Oh yes I do.

I filled out the Reconsideration Paperwork with an explanation of why I believed they needed to reconsider accepting my application ie. reopen the damn thing and appeal their decision. I had the paperwork to prove I have all of my work credits AND that I’ve been disabled long enough to be covered under the SSDI disability insurance.

I received a phone call within a couple of weeks from “my worker” who received the copy of my W-2 form. She looked up my work history and lo’ and behold, there it was. My 2016 and 2017 work history proving I not only worked but earned all credits. The worker was surprised since they “don’t usually overlook things like that.”

Was it my fault they overlooked two years of work history? That someone didn’t bother checking to see if I had earned all of my credits, had my documents in order, and simply denied my claim with a reason that wasn’t true?

The issue was enough to reopen my case, and make certain that if/when I get approved for benefits it’s the March application date. I was so relieved, it felt like a weight I’d been carrying around for years had been lifted. Then she said,

“There’s another problem. It’ll be treated like a new application. It’ll be prorated back to March of this year when you applied, however… it must be treated like a brand new application instead of an appeal. You can fill out a paper application or have a phone interview in a few weeks.”

“What do you mean, a new application? I thought the only issue was finding the proof that I had worked and was qualified for the insurance?”

“Well… yes, but because of how it happened on our end, it has to be treated like a new application. Just make sure that you have records of all of your medical tests and hospital stays; broken bones, serious illnesses; your specialists, doctors… okay, pretty much everything. If you have the printout of your March application that’ll help too.”

“But won’t you guys have my application in the system to refer to?”

“Um… yeah. They should.”

“I’m not feeling very confident right now. Should I just make an appointment in the local office so I can make sure this is all done?”

“Oh, no, no you’ll end up sitting with the representative for an hour or more. On the phone it should only take a few minutes but no more than half an hour.”

“I thought you said they’ll treat it as a whole new application? It took me, like, five hours to do the online application, maybe more. I had to do it over a couple of days.”

“You ask a lot of questions! LOL”

“Consider it a career hazard of being a mother and former disability advocate.”


“So is this a brand new application? Or an appeal?”

“It’s an appeal that must be a new application. But it’ll be prorated to March.”

As you can imagine, there’s nothing in that conversation that reassured me. I did what I needed to do, or what I think I needed to do.

I had the phone appointment this morning with a very nice woman.

She was under the impression that it was a brand new application, but she was, thankfully, able to pull information from the March application. I didn’t bother asking her about the prorating. She said she read all of the other rep’s notes.

It took an hour. She added new information. I ended up crying, and I could hear her typing what I was saying while crying. She was really sweet and understanding, and very patient with me. I had some issues with my speech and word recall, but she was understanding. She didn’t help with the word recall, but she couldn’t.

Basically, we went over my doctors, medical records, tests done, hospital stays, surgeries and reasons, how my daily life is affected, when my hours were cut at work, when I was forced to stop, etc. She asked a lot of questions. I answered them all as best as I could, and if something felt related I asked if she could use that info. She took down everything.

She didn’t mind when I became emotional. She was very empathetic. I appreciated that quite a bit, because this has been something I’ve been far more anxious about than I realized I would be. It’s different being the one going through this than helping someone go through it. I know what to do and say intellectually. It’s far different when suddenly, my disabilities are affecting what I’m saying and contributing to in my own application. I worry that I’ve made a wrong or contradicting answer, or messed up in a date.

There’s so much more floating in my head I want to say, to purge, but I have an impending headache. I think it’s partially stress, partially “about to rain” going on. I feel something going on up in the clouds.

I also feel as if I may just get something done with SSDI now. The woman did tell me that the doctors will now get paperwork to fill out, possibly get interviewed. I’ll also be receiving more paperwork to fill out for further details. Kind of like testimony. From here on out it should take “no more than five months” but it depends on me getting my paperwork in for the decision to be on time.



Don’t normalize President Elmo. Just because he can only count to five doesn’t excuse the poopy news he puts out. Granted, while being a poopy doody head explains some things, it doesn’t excuse anything.


I have my 17 year old daughter to thank for this. I really had no choice but to share the laughs. Imagining Trump as a spoiled toddler most days is a coping mechanism and then here comes Elmo. 😀 I’m dead.

It’s apparently breaking news as of last night? by the New York Times that Donald Trump knew two weeks prior to his inauguration that Russia interfered in the election in order to make sure he would be elected; with the express permission and direction of Dictator Putin. He knew that it was done so that the election would turn out in his favor. Every single time he has said he didn’t believe there was election interference, he lied. Every time he has said there was, “No colluuuuuuusion,” it was a lie. Every time he lies, it’s obstruction and for that matter, a cover-up.

If you’ve followed or read my blog for the past two or three years, you know that none of this is breaking news to me. Maybe some of you thought I was a little paranoid. 😉 That’s okay. Plenty of people don’t listen to anything I say, thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m used to it. I live in Connecticut, after all. I mean, we may bleed Blue for the most part but we also just had a guy on a dairy farm just get kicked in the head by a cow. And the news anchor had to make sure to say,

“He did suffer serious head injuries, but no information on his condition.”

Yes, he would since he was kicked in the head by a cow. Being in his 20’s wouldn’t keep him from avoiding serious head injuries.

I wish I could say that the things that have been leaking out, and the indictments, subpoenas, plea deals, have been vindicating. The problem is that we’re still stuck with a treacherous guttersnipe in the Oval Office. The problem is that I didn’t want to be right.

I never, ever wanted to be right. I wanted to be proven wrong. I want every single elected official we ever have to succeed, especially a duly elected president. Hell, even a president that was inserted by Russians… I was in a position where I felt forced to “give him a chance.” I wanted him to succeed. I promise, that’s the truth.

Giving someone a chance doesn’t ever mean ignoring the truth. It doesn’t mean ignoring what you already know about someone. It means giving someone a chance with a healthy skepticism and a willingness to continue to ask questions and research and fact check in order to protect yourself and others.

Investigating the election fraud and other crimes stemming from it isn’t about, “being unable to let go of Mrs. Clinton not winning the election.” It’s about the undermining of our election, our democracy, our Republic and the fact that one of the candidates in the election… the candidate that did end up in the Oval Office… was part of the tampering. He encouraged, took part in, and continued to take part in espionage.

I think the scramble by the White House, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Lindsey Graham, hell even Sean Spicer to rehabilitate Trump’s current Russian joint presser statement into something means the opposite of what he actually said is a clear indication that he meant what he said. He has always said that he doesn’t need or want other people to explain what he says because he always says what he means. And that presser? That was clearly scripted. He knew what he was saying. He was proud of himself. He was smug. The damage control is something that I’m sure Trump doesn’t even believe needs to be done.

Again… he’s told us who he is, so why don’t people believe him when he shows us?

This is not Democratics vs Republicans vs Independents vs Green Party. It’s about willingness to side with truth and justice, patriotism and America, or willingness to side with a traitor and not care about the lies and treason in favor of a larger, damaging agenda. It’s also about voting vs non-voting.

At this point, it’s also about whether people are reformed Trump voters. I’m not touching Republican, specifically because I know people of all political affiliations voted for him. I’m not touching GOP either. And yes, I’m making a very wide line between Republicans and GOP. Because the GOP has become the tool of the Tea Party. What Conservative stands for now is a warped stance of conservativism. I’m a recovering Republican, so I know. I’m heartbroken over what’s happened to the party as a whole.

That’s a whole different blog entry.

I don’t have hard feelings for the voters at this point because voting has been effecting change in special elections everywhere. I also have hope for November 2018 midterm elections. I believe that most people are good. I believe that people vote with hope in their hearts.

There’s still hope. We have a free press and freedom of speech. The First Amendment is our most important Amendment of all. Which reminds me, if you haven’t already, download a free copy of the United States Constitution. It’s so, so very important. It’s law that’s higher than the Oval Office.

History shows kings, queens, religious leaders, dictators, presidents, emperors, empresses, pharaohs, and clan leaders not only laying down the law for their people. They show the people the ideal that they’re supposed to live up to being. They are expected to be the moral authority as well as the legal authority. In religious communities, the religious leaders were and in some areas still are the spiritual, legal, moral, ethical authorities.

Because of this history, there’s a trust that’s built in. It doesn’t seem to matter if the individual is sovereign or elected, but the expectation is the same to be trustworthy and have integrity.

It may be in human DNA for people to want our leaders to define who we are as a people. As individuals, we’re fine for the most part; we’re intelligent as individuals. As a mass group, we need guidance. As a mass group, we’re stupid. I think that’s why most of us have the need for the security of laws, guidelines, leadership in various forms.

When it stops working, there are rebellions. There are wars. There are coups. Leaders are removed from power. New laws are put into place.

When the system is working but the leadership isn’t, is when there are the most problems.

That’s what’s happening in the United States right now.

The reason the leadership isn’t working is because there’s no trust.

I’m not talking about the typical whinging and whining about the average politician. For the most part, our local politicians are our neighbors and aren’t out to hurt us. Most level headed people understand that even if we disagree on ideas, methods, and how to do things, we really do essentially want the same goals. We don’t want to harm each other.

There’s no trust in the man pretending to president of the U.S.A. or his cabinet and administration because during the campaign, they straight out told us and have now proven that their goals are selfish. They’re not only willing to harm anyone who disagrees, but they’re gleeful about deconstructing those peoples’ lives, destroying their reputations, threatening them, and intentionally creating laws that will be harmful to vulnerable groups of people.

If we’re honest, this man hasn’t been trusted since the beginning but it’s gotten worse week by week. I would say that since January 2018 through yesterday, July 16, 2018 it’s become steadily worse even more quickly. Some of the worst history-in-the-making video I ever saw was the joint presser between Trump and Putin yesterday. I was horrified as Trump essentially gave America away and threw our intelligence agencies and all Democratics and anyone who has ever disagreed with him under the bus. Oh, and of course he’s insistent that journalists are the enemy of the people. The EU is our “foe.” He’s literally doing his best to destroy relationships with Britain, everyone in the EU, Canada, anyone who is our ally in NATO. But his best friends are ruthless dictators in Russia, North Korea, and hey, let’s not forget that he’s trying to ingratiate himself with China. If you’ve ever opened up a history book AND stayed up to date in current day history since, I don’t know, 1985 through now, you know not to trust any of these nations farther than you can throw a mountain.

But hey, Trump says, we’ve done the same stuff Russia has against Russia. And Putin was strong and shit in his denial in his involvement in the meddling in our elections even though he “trusts” his intelligence guys (huh? FBI? NSA? CIA? or the Israeli firm he hired?) but he believes Putin. Trump also stated that AMERICA is the one at fault for the state of the poor relationship between America and Russia. Basically, for every atrocity and crime Russia has committed, it’s America’s fault.

They want to forge a joint cyber-security effort between the two nations. Imagine that? After Russia hacked our elections, interfered prior and during, and our intelligence agencies plus allies have confirmed around the world that Russia not only plans to damage midterm elections in November 2018, but it will be worse. Attacks are already worse. Political discourse from Trump candidates and hardcore supporters, as well as “bots” is non-existent. The only argument they want to hear is, “but Hillary…” in spite of every argument being disproved.

People that are susceptible to the rhetoric do nothing but repeat the same catch phrases that are put out by Trump, the same lies that are disproved as soon as he states them, the same tired false lines. It’s tiring trying to have a discussion with most of them, so 98% of the time in real life I don’t engage. People don’t want a polite discussion to hear the other side. I’m interested to hear people’s reasoned, thought out ideas on continued support for Trump. What do they actually believe he’s doing that’s, “he’s just done so many good things for this country and is doing so many more! He’s incredible!” Why? What’s the proof they see? Don’t show me Breitbart or Fox or any far right piece of garbage. Show me real information that’s untarnished. Because as much as I physically hate him, I can actually separate my bias when looking at new information and researching it independently to find out what’s true or false so that I can form my own opinions.

And I formed some opinions watching that presser. No one biased me. I watched it with an open mind, hoping that we’d come out of this with truly the beginning of a better relationship. What I saw was chilling.

If what we all saw yesterday doesn’t instill a desire, a need, a will for change of the current “president” and administration, I don’t know what it’ll take. I’ve seen it begin already… people regretting their vote in favor of Trump. People realizing that in spite of their original vote, it’s not too late to do something. People realizing that voting single issue or against another candidate was the worst mistake they could have made. Online, I’m also seeing it. Online, however, the paid bots and bots are making it appear to the ones on the fence and the hardcore supporters that they’re still justified.

Some don’t care. Some, like an unnamed close relative, are still saying shit like, “He’s still better than Hillary would’ve been.” Don’t you love false equivalency?

But, hey, Loves? Those are the ones that even in court will proclaim that evidence is faked like fake news because there’s no possible way they can admit that either don’t care Trump is a traitor, or they made a very poor choice in voting for him.

If I’m wrong and the evidence says otherwise? I’ll suck it up. I promise. I can’t promise it won’t be grudgingly, but I’ll suck it up.

Ok, the thunder is moving in and so is the migraine. It’s probably a good time to sign off in spite of zero transition. 🙂

I’m in more control today than yesterday. I managed to get in a two or three hour nap, and last night I was able to sleep for three or four hours. I’ve had an iced coffee this morning, so I’m good to go until probably 3:00 pm or so.

What can I say? Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue can do weird things to a person, even during seasons that are when a person feels the best they can.

It’s okay, though, I’ll plan to rest and read later. We’re expecting severe thunderstorms so I won’t use the stove. There’s a possibility that we’ll lose power and I’d rather have the house as cool as possible. Ice is made, salad is ready, all that’s left is to eat up all of the ice cream. Silver lining!

I’ve got a job to do, clearly.

We also live near one of the state’s major rivers and a tributary, so our town has a flash flood warning. The state has a general flash flood warning too. Oh… warning, not watch. Interesting. The severe t-storms are still on watch, not warning, but the weather guy did just say that the cells are coming to us from New York, “this afternoon” for all of the state. My area of the state is in the highest risk. Damaging winds, large hail, flooding, oh and hey guys don’t worry, the tornado threat is only at 1 out of 5.

Listen. We’ve had tornado threats at 0/5 and still had 2-to-3 tornadoes go through the state and/or touch down. Don’t tell me that a threat of “only” 1 is nothing to really worry about. I was talking about this last night when the weather dudes were discussing the humidity, thunderstorms expected, and the heat for today. It’s a mix for tornadoes. So what’s on the local news?

Bah. I’ll be watching the color in the sky. In CT the air turns green. I swear that everything goes by in slow motion, with the air thick like being underwater. One year netting from tobacco fields almost hit my car on my way home from work, with the hardest downpour, hardest winds, hail, a dark green sky, black in some areas, and I had to pull over. The debris in the air was swirling in the rain, like it was under water. There was no expectation of tornadoes that day.

It keeps happening, but at least there’s been more warning. Now that I know what to look for, and how it feels in my weather-vane of a body, I pay close attention. Looking outside right now, the sky is still very bright and sunny but it’s not blue any longer. The wind is picking up in gusts, flipping leaves over.

Anyway, this post didn’t go at all the way I had planned. I’m not deleting it. I will, however, cross my fingers and toes that it’s only heavy rain with some loud thunder. The dog will lose his shit, and the cats will hide in closets, but it’ll be good for the grass, the reservoirs, and fire hazard levels. Silver linings!

I’m sitting here with my hands still shaking, and not entirely certain when the joint press conference between Mr. Trump and the dictator known as “president” Putin ended. I watched in shock and disgust while doing my best to put aside any preconceived notions. I listened to the words coming from each man in horror, watching their body language and micro-expressions. Yet again, some things I learned in college actually are put to good, practical use.

Because I listened to the words coming from each, and waited for the man posing as our American president to jump in and tell the dictator of Russia that he wasn’t going to allow Russia to do what he planned, I felt my insides drop out. I watched as Trump smiled smugly, nodding along. I watched them both lie blatantly, and back up each others’ lies. I heard the tone in their voices, which alone was chilling.

If I were a Trump supporter before this week, I would hope that this would be the one thing of anything that would change my mind.

I mean, if not for…

  • Ableism against disabled Americans
  • Racism against non-white Americans
  • Racism against non-white non-Americans
  • Blatant classism and elitism
  • Misogyny and abuse of women
  • Human rights violations in more situations I can count, but most clearly visible at the moment: Child abuse at the border, separation of families, drugging minors against their will including babies with drugs that are dangerous to adults
  • Calling our journalists and reporters an enemy of the people including today at the presser
  • Continuously attempting to obstruct a just, fair investigation
  • Lying daily and being caught in lies; instructing his staff to lie
  • Allying himself with the evil, mass murdering leader of the Israeli people in spite of having had a good deal with Iran that Iran was honoring
  • Causing serious unrest in the Middle East on multiple occasions that have caused hundreds of deaths
  • Targeting innocent families, including children, of dead terrorists in deadly air strikes
  • Hiring a foreign spy agency to attempt to dig up dirt on former Obama-era dignitaries in an effort to discredit President Obama
  • Attempting to destroy relationships with every single foreign ally we have to instead ally with RUSSIA
  • Refusing to acknowledge, even today, he was and is being duped by Kim Jong-un since the meeting with him last month, still believing they’re allies too
  • Lying about employment and wage statistics
  • Lying about economy statistics
  • Lying about things that can be easily disproved, and still calling those facts “fake news”
  • Oh yes… the Tax Scam which although some businesses may have made out, or rather allowed employees to believe they made out, have resulted in wage decreases AND massive layoffs which aren’t being accounted for in employment, wage, or economy statistics
  • Encouragement to police to “rough up prisoners” and yet he practically defecates on the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies we rely on… whom when it suits him he calls “the best in the world” but when he’s the subject, he wants it all shut down with “his own intelligence people”

Maybe now, supporters will question the choice to continue to support him. But what do I know. He’s committed some terrible atrocities and those he’s appointed are committing them in his name with his approval daily. As long as his judge pick attempts to shut down Roe v Wade? I guess they’ll support him no matter what.

Oh. I’m distressed, yes. There’s so much to address that was horrific in that presser. He blamed the U.S. for the state of a poor relationship with Russia. He took Putin’s side, literally, over our intelligence community, publicly in a worldwide conference. Which means he also fucked over our allies’ intelligence communities, who warned us prior to the election but the GOP ignored.

Let me be clear. This isn’t about the election. It’s about the fact that since before the 2016 Presidential Election, during that campaign, through this very moment and expected at least through the midterm elections 2018, we are under attack from a hostile nation called Russia with the express permission of Putin. A man who stated publicly today that he wanted Trump to win. Oh, I want to go piece by piece through everything they said to show what they said vs what they really said between the lines with tone and body language. If I do that, I have a feeling my anxiety will fly through the roof and it’s already pretty high since I’ve been awake since 2:30 a.m.

I realize I sound crazypants right now. I’m crazytired. I’d better go fix that.

Backstory, I Hope I Can Keep It Short

I’m likely going to oversimplify things; warning that I’m only providing one article source below, and it’s in reference to my last paragraph. Also to warn you, I’m in MASSIVE pain right now, because it’s raining and all of my meds have completely worn off. Every single one. I’m an hour late and just realized it. Please be gentle in your critique. No, just kidding, discussion is welcome.

A few weeks ago, Trump was puffing his chest like an old gorilla, insulting anyone he could including previous presidents as far back he could pronounce their names.  He was worked up because he needed. a. big. win. and it just had. to. be. North Korea. You probably remember the drama unless you were lucky enough to be stranded on a tropical beach without any wi-fi, data, or cable access to anything for two or three weeks. If you were stranded on a beach, you’re lucky.  There was so much propaganda in both countries, it was sickening. Guess which ones in the U.S. fell for the Trump propaganda and disinformation campaigning? I’m not even talking about anything aside from NK. Did you know the WH even put out a VIDEO touting the awesomeness of NK? It’s like a tourism video, carefully ignoring the fact that the dictator is a murderous serial killer who even had his own brother killed, and imprisons anyone believed to speak out against him? Who will murder entire families for the actions of one citizen that he believes could have betrayed him even in their thoughts? A dictator who is guilty of countless inhumane acts against his own people, is so genocidal, many consider him to be as evil as Hitler. Remember that.

Anyway, the closer we came to the meeting date, day by day, minute by minute, the propaganda, rhetoric and hype were at the point that (some) people believed he was going to NK to save the U.S. and save the entire world from certain, immediate annihilation. Some people here had the audacity to believe Trump was going to save the North Korean people with the fabulous deal he was going to make with their dictator. His personality alone would overpower Kim Jong-un and if not, then his business expertise would do the trick. None of the U.S. leaders for the past 70 years, Trump’s entire lifetime, would be able to live up to what he was about to accomplish. The world was just waiting for him, apparently, and didn’t know it. Oddly enough, Trump wasn’t interested in learning anything about the 70-year history of severe problems that not only the U.S. has had with North Korea, but the world.

Trump started complimenting and praising Kim Jong-un. I just can’t even … even with that one.  You don’t do that.  Don’t compliment a dictator on his leadership skills.  He stopped tough talking and started courting. Remember what I said a couple of paragraphs ago about Kim Jong-un.

Caution and Education Are For Sissies, Apparently

There were a lot of concerns moving forward, though, as you would expect.  There should have been vocal concerns considering the magnitude of the summit.  There are always going to be security concerns when any of our delegates and officials leave the country for something official. Like, say, the G7 Summit. Wait.

There are always red flags to pay attention to, some that even lay people know are serious.

The quotes that were given to the state-run propaganda news outlets in NK by Kim Jong-un weren’t a big enough red flag; they were largely ignored in the U.S.

The warnings from the Intelligence Community that no matter Trump’s stated goals, Kim Jong-un’s goal is to continue developing a nuclear arsenal and to embarrass Trump (among other warnings) weren’t a big enough red flag and also largely ignored in the U.S. This was a moment where you have to say, just like during Trump’s presidential campaign when he told and showed America who he is,

“The man has told you in clear language what he will and won’t do. This is a man who has consistently behaved in an abhorrent manner without plans to change. Believe a man when he tells you and shows you just how much of an asshole he really is.”

It was big news in the U.S. if you were voicing concerns; to be cautious; if you had doubts; if you were suggesting to please study up on the North Korean History, Mr. Trump, just please educate yourself. The fact that such concerns were being minimized and denigrated by the White House was a red flag.

Of course, it was also big news that Trump refused to study up on the past 7 decades of North Korean dictatorship, and ignored that advice from advisers. Red flag? Maybe?

Anyone with any sort of intellect and knowledge about world history and U.S. history would have anxiety, doubt about this summit’s long term and short term results; anyone paying attention to current events would be concerned and doubtful just in a general manner. Anyone with a passing knowledge about Trump and his history of getting along with everyone no matter what it takes, plus his sparkling personality and confidence, would have concerns about the immediate issue of the meeting itself. The fact that nothing changed in Trump’s attitude on this subject was a huge red flag.

Now we segue.  If I don’t I’ll go on a tangent.

I Concede, You Concede, Gentlemen’s Handshake

Trump and Kim Jong-un met, pretended to be brahs, while each also pretended to be the alpha gorilla.  In the end the dictator won.  It was described as an exchange of opinions and how to reach peace between NK and the rest of the peninsula.  Trump committed to “security guarantees” as Kim Jong-un reaffirmed his “firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” I’m noting just how carefully worded that is. Kim Jong-un wants the peninsula denuclearized. It doesn’t state specifically North Korea. Maybe I’m nitpicking but it’s red flaggy to me.

The establishment of new U.S.-DPRK relations will “contribute to the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula” (oh yeah and of the world too, but let’s not specifically state America). Apparently our new relationship alone will be enough to contribute to peace and prosperity.

They recognized that “mutual confidence building” [Okay, wait a minute, when I saw this one I wanted to know: Does that mean ass kissing?] can promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.  Neither of these men are known for doing what anyone else tells them; for upholding promises; for building confidence with others.

President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un talked about releasing POW’s and MIA’s remains to their families. Thumbs up, Big Guy. As with our most recent President, we’re continuing the trend of bringing our people home.

Building a last peace REGIME on the Korean Peninsula. Like the wording on that one? Red flag, maybe? For there to be true peace in Korea, for them to be a United Korea again, I can only imagine that South Korea would insist that a dictatorship would have to be dissolved. I don’t see, especially in wording such as that, that Kim Jong-un intends to release any of his political power or his nuclear power. He holds the cards as long as he holds and can make nuclear weapons.  The world will pay attention to him as long as he holds those cards.

There was nothing resembling a peace treaty that could be worked with,  in depth, to be further fleshed out, endorsed by Congress, and signed.  With no actual peace treaty and nothing for Congress to flesh out, mark up with red pens, approve, and have both nations sign, we have nothing except the fact that these guys sat down and had dinner together.

They outlined, sort of, some loose goals signed by them as an intent to work on the goals; but it’s nothing binding.  Nothing.  If there had been, he’d be complaining about Democratics holding up the process of saving the world.  Instead he just complained that Democratics and haters didn’t want him to save the world and want war and open borders. Distraction at its worst. He’s not even good at it.


Trump essentially came back to the U.S. from the NK Summit with the equivalent of chicken scratch on a bar napkin.  He managed to convince his base that it was binding and wow! a peace treaty! and he managed to do something unprecedented never ever before accomplished by any U.S. leader ever.  Obviously anyone who has a passing relationship with reading American History or Google knows that particular claim is a lie.

I’m not going to lie: sitting in a meeting face to face with Kim Jong Un, a ruthless, vicious, mass murdering, genocidal dictator takes a serious game face. It is an accomplishment, especially considering this dictator is considered to have been (until recently) reclusive. The problem is that because Trump wanted to teach this punk a lesson, one thug to another thug, and he legitimized Kim.  I really do wish he had intimidated Kim Jong-un into submission.  That would have been a great accomplishment.

But there’s history to consider, hence the mother hen worrying and caution:  Kim Jong-un recently fucking over South Korea and China weren’t big enough red flags, I guess.  The thing is, I never want to be right when I have this kind of anxiety.  I really don’t want our government to fail.  I don’t.

Then this happens.

Plot Twist. 

I wonder if sprucing up their nuclear facilities to be more productive for, oh, I don’t know, producing nuclear weapons will be a big enough red flag that the summit itself was a failure.  Because lookie what I found:


Satellite images from last week show that North Korea is making numerous improvements to the infrastructure at a nuclear research facility, according to a new study.

Article by Avery Anapol; 6/26/2018; Source: Satellite images show North Korea upgrading nuclear research facility: report | TheHill

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